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• 1/22/2017

Mah Universe

Well, considering it may get annoying to some people if I constantly post messages on their Message Walls about my Universe. So, I'm going to talk about it here.

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• 1/22/2017

Bio for a General in mah Universe. Note: there are only two Vanguard Generals: The Chronicler, and the character I'm about to do. Anyway, here it is:

Name: Fulkrum Acidblood

Alias: Scar

Gender: Male

Element: Acid

Species: Necro-Xeno

Status: Alive

Age: 34

Alliance: Hunters (former), Vanguard (current)

Rank: General (Vanguard), Young Blood (Hunters)

Personality: Fulkrum is all about getting the job done as quickly, and as cleanly, as possible. However, if you enrage him, you're gonna die. He has high respect for all who are not aligned with the Slovan Imperium. He also despises torture and is the one who supported The Chroniclers' (Ignitus) request to not torture captured enemies.

Abilities: Fulkrum possesses very high skill in CQC (close-quarters combat). He is also skilled with his Acid element, despite it not being fully mastered. His last name comes from his Acidic blood. It cannot go through metal but exposed scales, fur etc. will be nothing for the Acid. It's worse when he uses it as a spit and hits the eyes with pin-pint accuracy. However, he doesn't like this strategy as he doesn't believe in suffering.

Backstory: Fulkrums' past as a Hunter is unknown. What is known is that he showed up at Mosingrad and began training to join the Vanguard. He failed several times but finally completed it. He was then dispatched, with 4 other soldiers (2 new recruits and 2 elite soldiers), to an ancient temple to search for any traces of the Slovan Imperium, as ships had been seen entering and leaving the temple. Upon arriving, Fulkrum and his team were separated during a meteor storm. Fulkrum found the two recruits afterwards. They were both dead. He respectfully buried them both and took their armour, so it didn't fall into enemy hands. He then discovered that one of the elite soldiers had been killed after discovering a massive Vervena outbreak. After fighting his way through several dozen Vervena drones and several more Slovan infantry, he discovered that the last missing squad member, Spartan, had been killed by two Slovan Generals, Wolf and Dark. He encountered the 3 guards of Wolf at the temple and engaged in a 3-on-1 fight. He was severely wounded but still won. He then faced off against Dark and won in CQC. He proceeded into the temple and found an ancient crystal. He took it, without knowing what it was, and was ambushed by Wolf. The two fell into an arena that was floating in Lava and fought for 2 hours. Fulkrum took full advantage of his Lava-immune exo-skeleton and ambushed Wolf several times from underneath the Lava. The battle ended in Wolf being submerged in Lava and Fulkrum being wounded to the point of near death. He dragged Wolfs' mask up to the top of the temple and through it down before returning to Mosingrad 3 days later. He now serves as a front line General for the Vanguard.

Weakness: Ice and Wind. He cannot fly due to possessing no wings.


- His design is similar to a cross of the Predalien (Alien Vs Predator: Requiem), and Godzilla.

- He is bipedal.

- He is the youngest of all the Generals.

There you go, give me your opinion.

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