Another Non-Canon Darker

Well, another Non-Canon Darker. This one has a full backstory. Introducing, Viräal:

Name: Viräal

Alias: The Butcher, The Eternal Hate

Gender: Male

Status: Alive

Species: Darker

Type: Parasite

Element: Shadow

Skill Level: Average

Rank: Soldier

Intelligence: High

Can Speak?: Yes

Personality: Viräal is very sadistic, even by Darker standards. Not only does he have an obsession of mutilating his victims and butchering them, he also has a very severe lust for Blood, going as far as to harm himself just to taste some.

Abilities: Hate Feeding, Average Shadow Abilities.

Backstory: Viräal was created by the Darkness after Bloody Dawn. His first contact with any living thing was with a Darker he encountered in Dante's Freezer. After years of being alone, he finally found someone. Someone to slaughter. The Darker he found was not seen again. The next living thing he encountered was the Cursed Darker himself, Seifer. And lucky for Seifer, Viräal was not in the mood for killing. Later, Viräal joined a pack of Darkers led by an Alpha, who the Alpha is, the Freedom Flyers don't know. During the Break-In, Viräal slaughtered 3 civilians and wounded a further 4 more. He was last seen retreating with other Darkers.

Appearance: Unknown, as Viräal wears a black cloak for some unknown reason.

Quotes: "Oh, I'm going to enjoy killing you. Oh, how I will peel the flesh from your body and tear you limb from limb! I'm going to savour this moment. You should to, for I'm going to not only slaughter you, but I'm also going to teach you the real meaning of Pain."

Well, that's my last Non-Canon Darker. What do you think of him?