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• 6/16/2017

Different Mah Universe Trash

I am starting this for some reason. And I really don't think it will go well. But still, if anyone on PL wants to, then come one, come all to this Chat thing. From all corners of the world, you are welcome to see this rather dumb thing I decided to do. I mean, Idiocy breaks all Language barriers, doesn't it?

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• 7/4/2017

Now, time for a Character Bio, this'll be the last thing I put here for a while, maybe a week or two, but there'll be more updates. Now, it's time for one of the characters who proves this is a Spyro thingamajig, Cynder:

Full Name: Cynder Darkfire

Alias: Terror of the Skies

Gender: Female

Species: Death Kite

Age: 46

Status: Alive

Elements: Shadow, Poison, Fear, Wind

Alliance: Unknown

Rank: Unknown

Personality: Before she was captured by the Slovan Imperium, Cynder (after the events of DotD) was kind, helpful, strict and serious but that didn't stop her and Spyro from earning the Medal of the Ancestors from Terrador for their bravery. Fast forward to the present, and she is almost unrecognisable in terms of personality. 36 years of torture from every method imaginable has left her scarred, broken and on the brink of going insane and becoming evil once again. The only reason she hasn't yet is because Spyro and another anonymous figure has been helping hold on, to not break and become one with the Darkness once again. But, if no one comes to save them both soon, then she will break...

Abilities: She knows everything there is to her elements, but due to the prison she and Spyro are kept in having been made out of Dark Crystals, she cannot use them.

Weaknesses: Cannot use her elements in the prison. Weak and on the brink of insanity and death due to her 36 years of constant torture.

Backstory: (Don't have a lot of time so will have to put in another time, sorry for the inconvenience)

Quote: "The Darkness, it's clawing its way into my head. It will take me into its grasp once again."

Appearance: (Current) Cynder is heavily scarred from 36 years of torture. She has the wounds of all the methods used on her. From the multiple disembowellements to the repeated hangings, electrocutions and dismemberments. She has all the scars, but her most prominent ones are her left eye, which has been blinded, her missing front right limb, and her giant scar across her chest.


- The only time when she isn't tortured is when she is left in her cell for the night.

- Her most serious periods of torture are when Senka comes to torture Cynder herself.

Well, that is sad and sadistic to write. Do you think that she will join the Darkness again, or not?

• 7/8/2017

Now, time for a true Nemesis:

Code Name: VVO3 (Viral Vervena Organism 3)

Alias: Nemesis

Status: Unknown

Gender: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Species: Vervena

Type: Variation Unknown

History: VVO3, nicknamed Nemesis, is a highly dangerous Vervena that is a new breed of variation. It is unknown if there is more of the same variation, or where it came from or how it was made, but VVO3 was first discovered in an old Slovan Mining Outpost. Well, the egg was for that matter. The Slovan group at the Outpost had found the egg of VVO3 in a giant crater that just, mysteriously, showed up overnight. Along with the egg, was a giant corpse the size of a Slovan warship. The corpse was no good to the group, but they took the egg. What happened next is only available in bits and pieces up until the Stormtroopers arrived. The ripped up bits of paper and the strange telegraph and radio messages indicated that whatever was in the egg was still alive. So, the crew sent a message saying that the Outpost would be on permanent lockdown. So far, so good. But, something went wrong. The next few written notes and distorted radio and telegraph messages helped the arriving Stormtroopers figure out what happened after they got Nemesis under control. What they were told as to what happened was that a power outage hit the Outpost and when the lights were out, VVO3 hatched. There were many casualties in the ensuing firefight, as many of the Outpost crew learnt that something had contaminated and forced their allies to attack them like a rabid animal. Once the contaminated troops were cleared, most of the remaining crew attempted to evacuate and destroy the mine, killing Nemesis and causing a chain reaction that would hide the crater and the giant corpse of what is now called DVVO4, otherwise known as Carrier. However, VVO3 killed many of the remaining crew before they had a chance to blow up the mine. The Outpost commander and his only remaining trooper, a dragon, decided to risk Nemesis being free and causing havoc and evacuate without destroying the mine. On the way out, the rookie Dragon was dragged off by Nemesis, and is presumed to be the mutilated corpse that was at the end of a long trail of blood near the mine exit. The Commander made a mad dash for the exit but as he got outside, Nemesis jumped him and was in killing distance. Luckily, before the crew decided to destroy the mine and evacuate, they sent a distress telegram and radio call out. A Stormtrooper battalion managed to get both and arrived just in time to save the Commander and capture VVO3. Now, VVO3 is in containment at the same Outpost.




- Nemesis is, potentially, the only one of its kind when it comes to Variation.

Well, what do you think?

• 7/14/2017

Time for the Slovan Buzz Saw:

Project Title: Auto Armbrust Sechsundvierzig

Nickname: Slovan Buzz Saw, The Buzz Saw

Weapon Classification: Crossbow

BPM: 600 BPM

Weight: 4 tons

Bolt Count: 250

Bolt Type: Drachentöter Bolts

Loading Mechanism: Belt-Fed

Used In: 35rd Drachentöter Stormtrooper Battalion, SIAS Aegis, SIAS Eisenjäger, all Gepanzertes Angriffsboot V Jäger F Zwei 'Besondere' Drachensturm Warships, 62nd Flammen-Soldat und Angriff Battalion

Sorry, I'll have to do this in two parts. This is the first part. What do you think?

• 7/15/2017

Time for the second part of the Buzz Saw:

Development History: In 1234, the demand for fast-firing crossbows skyrocketed for the Slovan Imperium. As a result, the Emperor himself, Sinholus, put out a competition for an Auto Crossbow and that the company to make the best one would be given enough funding to mass produce the weapon for 10 years. There were 4 main companies that were known to be involved. First, was the Armbrust Weapons Manufacturer, founded by Archer Firefeather. Second, was Gepanzertes Armed Forces Supplier, led by General Deathclaw himself. Third, was Arkovert, which, ironically, was led by General Senka. Finally, there was Guiseppe and Fyros Co., led by, as you guessed, Deres Guiseppe and Kol Fyros. Armbrust and Gepanzertes immediately failed, not meeting the criteria of the crossbow being cheap, fast-firing and easy to maintain and repair from serious damage. The other two military supplier groups were left. It was Senka against Guiseppe and Fyros. Senka brought forth a light, mobile and relatively perfect weapon for the Slovan Army to use. Guiseppe and Fyros brought forth a heavy, bolt-mounted crossbow. Despite only requesting one Crossbow, Sinholus picked both as they could both fill different roles. Arkoverts Crossbow, the famed FF Mobile Crossbow, was given to certain Stormtrooper groups as an offensive weapon, used in slow attacks. However, Arkoverts Crossbow was soon decommissioned due to a serious problem. Turns out then if the Crossbows firing mechanism was damaged and repaired incorrectly (almost every time as the Troopers using it never really got told that it could be fixed in more than one way, which was actually false, there was no correct way), it would catch fire. The fault couldn't be fixed, and the FF was no longer used. However, Guiseppe and Fyros' 'Buzz Saw' was highly successful. The Crossbow was, seemingly, without fault and was perfect in almost every way.

Numbers Built: 3,500

Manufacturer: Guiseppe and Fyros Co.

Battles Used In: Battle of Vulkan, First Battle of the Iron Archipelago, Battle of Mosingrad, Second Battle of Orion Perus, Siege of Fort Eisenjäger.


- None

Well, the Buzz Saw. It's done.

• 7/24/2017

Time for a bloody update that's really important.

So, due to multiple problems, I may have to cancel my Universe and stop working on it forever. Some of these problems are just absolutely stupid like the fact that BT has fucked up but some are rather serious. The most serious is that I'm having to move out and I may not be able to bring my Art Equipment. However, there is a chance that I may be able to keep my stuff so let's just hope that happens and so I won't have all this relatively impressive work go to waste.

• 7/28/2017

Ok, well, times running short. Time for the last character (in 2 parts):

Name: Horzin Jua

Alias: Executioner

Gender: Male

Status: Alive

Age: 96

Species: Ghost Stalker

Alliance: Unknown

Personality: Horzin Jua has a negative view on everything and always manages to find something wrong with everything. However, that doesn't stop him from doing what he does best: killing Vervena. Horzin is infamous for his skill in combat and his surprisingly quick reactions.

Equipment: Horzin has only 2 weapons. A crossbow and a modified Halberd. His Crossbow is nothing special, other than he has purely made it out of wood instead of both wood and iron so he can fire it in one-hand. His Halberd is the real kicker. Normally, he one-hands it as a very short axe with a Halberd spike on the end which allows him to fire his Crossbow once and hack the Vervena up with the axe. However, he can extend his Axe into a Halberd and must wield it with two hands. He is highly skilled with it and is surprisingly quick to use it.

End of part 1.

• 8/1/2017

The Bismark Archipelago, the area that you lot are wondering about, so I shall talk about the Third Battle of the Bismark Archipelago:

Operation Name: Operation Dynamo

Timeline: January 1st 1233 - May 26th 1234

Armies: Slovan Imperium Ground Forces and Navy. Dragon Liberation Army.

Leaders: General Deathclaw, Field Marshal Drenox (Slovan Imperium). Conscript Son De Vere (DLA).

Numbers: 30,000 Ghost Stalkers (Infantry), 40,000 Ghost Stalkers (Navy), 10,000 Dragons (Infantry), 2,000 Dragons (Navy), 200 U-Boats, 150 Warships, 50 Airships (Slovan Imperium). 10,000 Ghost Stalkers, 500 Dragons, 1 Golem, 200 Wyverns (DLA).

Casualties: 20,000 Ghost Stalkers (Infantry), 40,000 Ghost Stalkers (Navy), 6,700 Dragons (Infantry), 1,350 Dragons (Navy), 195 U-Boats, 148 Warships, 49 Airships (Slovan Imperium). 9,950 Ghost Stalkers, 350 Dragons, 1 Golem, 180 Wyverns (DLA).

Result: Slovan Imperium Victory and complete surrender of the DLA.

History: The Third Battle of the Bismark Archipelago was the most brutal battle of the War, surpassing the Seige of Warfang and the Battle of Mosingrad (where the main comic starts). Tensions between the DLA and the Slovan Imperium were high, and eventually the DLA struck first. On January 1st, 1233, when the few troops garrisoned at the Archipelago were celebrating a new year, the entire army of the DLA attacked and quickly gained a foothold on the west most island in the Archipelago. The attack quickly turned into a defence as the Slovan forces repeatedly counterattacked, taking heavy losses in the process. For the following 6 months, Sinholus ignored the battle despite the requests from the remaining Slovan Officers begging for help. In those 6 months, the DLA pushed further into the Archipelago until they were close to capturing the last island. However, General Deathclaw and Field Marshal Drenox ignored orders and gave the troops at the Archipelago some much needed backup. For the rest of the battle, it was a gruesome and bloody mixture of hedgerow, guerilla, and the occasional artillery battery. Due to the never before encountered tactics, the Slovan Imperium took extremely heavy casualties throughout, which lead to the almost complete annihilation of the Slovan Fleet, 68th-109th Slovan Divisions and the complete destruction of the 31st Stormtrooper Battalion. It was worse for the DLA. Not only did they have to surrender because their entire army was dead or captured, but also because the DLA stronghold of Kronos was bombarded, napalmed, and gassed. As a result, 50,000 civilians died and the survivors were either captured and tortured, killed on sight or escaped to Mosingrad with all having an almost 100% case of combined trauma, burns and gas related wounds.

• 8/3/2017

A Quote from the leader of the Slovan Fleet, General Deathclaw, about what he and the rest of the Slovan Forces saw when they first arrived at the Bismark Archipelago:

"The storm that we had encountered was minor, but, even if it was major, it would not contend with this type of storm. The land was like the land around the Monument, were Malefor had taken refuge in, many years ago. I felt... a deep sorrow and I was right to think so. My crew, and all the troops, were heading into Hell."

• 8/6/2017

Good news. I don't have to cancel my Universe! Anyway, celebrations aside, I do have some rather important information here, that RusCSI, the other PL artists here and I will need to discuss, and that I have finished the Script for a Non-Canon Comic I made for my Universe, which I can't give spoilers for, and that the PL artists here and I will need to discuss as it's very important when you hear it. Either way, here's a Teaser for it.

NOTE: It may have have to be cancelled if the other PL artists end the discussion with giving no permission to make the PL/DP (Dark Prophecy) Comic, hence it being Non-Canon and it heavily involves the Rifts, which I haven't mentioned in a long time.

"What was that? What the Hell was that?! We just got attacked by some big, fiery, pincer-clawed, fire-eyed Hell Kite looking creature and we almost just lost an entire Company of Infantry to the damn thing! Did you even see what it's capable of? It took an entire company to kill it and we don't even have a tenth of a Company left now! What if there's more of them? What if this one was young and there's bigger ones? What about that then, Captain? All we have is a Division that is almost one Company of Infantry down and you expect us to hold out? You're nuts. We encounter another one them freaks, and I'm leaving."

I really need to let you lot know about this.

• 8/6/2017

That was from the original, now scrapped, script.

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