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• 4/27/2018

Pure Light Version of Songs

Just something random I came up with. Just pick a song, and make a Pure Light Version of it. For example, Ghost Division by Sabaton. Here:

Fast as the wind, the Invasion has begun! Shaking the Ground, with a force of thousand talons!

First into the Line of Fire! First into Hostile Land! Elites leading the Way! Leading the Way!

Charging the Lines, With the force of a Furious Storm! Fast as the Lightning, Alphas Swarm!

200 Miles at Nightfall, Taken with a Day! Thus earning the Name, earning the Fame!

They are the Darker Elite! Born to Compete! Never Retreat!

Dark Division!

Always Ahead! Living or Dead! Fed by your Dread!

See what I mean?

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• 4/30/2018

we have got to do more of that. 

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