A Story Told was a comic by Celestialcore919.

A Story Told
Main info
Full title A Story Told
Type Comic
Style Digital
Status Cancelled
Pages 10
Created by
Author Celestialcore919
Places to read
Deviantart Link to 1st page

Plot Edit

A half-darker called "Feraleleris Greyhair" lives a life with a deep secret that only her family and closest/most trusted friends know. This comic gives an example of her daily life in the city.

Main characters Edit

  • Feraleleris Greyhair

 Side characters Edit

  • Pero Bluescale
  • Phenomena Greyhair

Character cameos Edit

  • Erebus

Notes Edit

  • This comic is non-canon.
  • Erebus appeared in the comic before he was even designed.

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