Full name Abronex
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Dark dragon
Type Normal
Element(s) Mud
Skill level Master
Civil status Not a citizen of Warfang
Dark army status Omega
Intelligence Average
Can speak? No
Created by Darkanioid1997
Belongs to Darkanioid1997

Personality & Character

Abronex likes hurting wounded people. He also has a liking of bandages, but he's not too fond of its white colour.

During darker attacks on the tribes, Abronex sneaks into the medical rooms. He looks for the wounded who are confined, and then tears their bandages open to reveal their scars. Then he goes to the nearest window and calls for other Darkers, while the smell of blood spreads through the air. Eventually he enjoys the spectacle of wounded being eaten alive by Darkers.

Skills & abilities

Mud puddle

He can create a mud puddle and enter it.

Spitting mud

He can spit out small amounts of mud on his enemies, often in their eyes.


Abronex has a weakness to elemental light, like any other Darker. Also, he has a weakness for hot weather, because he can not use mud at this time. And because of the bandages on his wings, he can not fly, only glide.

He can not fight at the front, he tried several times to fight different creatures, but he failed and fled.


When he was a small wyvern-like darker, Abronex wandered in the ruins of an abandoned village. Unfortunately, he was attacked by another Darker and lost both his legs. Dying, he crawled around and noticed an abandoned medical room. When he went in, he found a pile of used bandages lying on the floor. He curled up in a heap and was surprised to find bandages stuck to his skin, probably because he could control the mud soaking into them. He could not arrange the bandages neatly and they simply were placed on him mess. He roared little roars until someone found him, a medic.

She did not know he was a Darker. She thought he was a Wyvern survivor from the attack on The Southern Wyvren Kingdom, bandaged and abandoned in the ruins. She brought him to the medical room in one of the villages that had not been destroyed yet, and put him in injured-children room. They wanted to take off his bandages and re-bandage him again with the new ones, but once they tried to remove the bandages, he growled and looked at them, showing the threatening yellow eyes of a Darker. "This is impossible, we have a DARKER here!", - the medic said and immediately getting mud in his eyes. The second paramedic tried to escape and call for help, but Abronex caught him and killed him. So he was left alone, with all the helpless children.

The same person who found him earlier arrived to check on the kids and feed them. She found them dead, and the "bandaged Wyvern"  was about to kill the last one. She called him to stop, and he looked at her. She tried to keep him away from the baby, so she could kill him. She spoke to him, and he looked at her curiously. She thought naively that he remembered who she was, but no, he just did not understand what she was saying, and the instinct began to operate. He spat mud into her eyes and quickly killed the baby, then fled through the door and spat on other medics as he jumped out of the window.

When Abronex grew up, he learned to organize his bandages by himself. Because of the white color, he always dirties them with mud. Because he has no legs, he learned to move like a snake with support from his front limbs.



  • His sounds resemble those of a raptor;
  • He is not a parasite, but he acts like one because he prefers to make negative emotions rather than kill;
  • He's a bit smaller than Trapper, but he's bigger then Wormtail;
  • If he does not understand something, he cocks his head to one side like a dog;
  • The stains on his bandages are not permanent, the rain washes it and then come new spots of mud and blood.

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