Absentia Crystalclaw
Full name Absentia Crystalclaw
Also known as Abbie
Age Teen
Status Alive
Gender Female
Species Western dragon
Type Earth dragon
Element(s) Crystal
Skill level Intermediate
Family Volantis Crystalclaw (father, deceased)
Ruby Diamondscale (mother, deceased)
Elisa Crystalclaw (Sister)
Civil status 2nd class civilian
Occupation Scholar
Created by Dragonsia-san
Redesign by Dragonsia-san
Belongs to Dragonsia-san

Personality & Character Edit


Skills & abilities Edit

Her crystals colour is red-ish pink, just like her eyes.

Crystal Growth Edit

She can grow crystals from the ground with just a touch, her crystals are strong and can hold but not for long.

Crystal Armor Edit

She can grow crystals on some parts of her body to protect herself from her enemies attacks, yet again hard to break but breakable.

Crystal breath Edit

Absentia just discovered crystal breath, she can use very little of it. Anyone who breathes it will suffocate, leading to death.

Sixth Sense Edit

Absentia has a sixth sense that tells her when bad things are going to happen.

Weaknesses Edit

Since Absentia is scared of heights she cant fly or doesn't know how, but that's a secret that only her sister knows.

Absentia isn't fond of the element of Electricity and Lava.

Backstory Edit


Relationships Edit


Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • Her original design didn't involve wings (even in her new look attempt) Absentia has wings but she is scared of heights so she doesn't fly at all, nor she even knows how.
  • Absentia's favorite story is The Golden Era.
  • In her previous design her father was abusive towards her, that changed.
  • Her previous surname was Goldhorn. That changed when her father was newly designed to have the element of crystal.

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