Full name Adelee
Age Adult
Status Alive
Gender Female
Species Alicorn
Civil status Freedom Flyer
Team Alpha
Team rank Healer
Created by Xannador
Belongs to Xannador
Comics Main comic
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Adelee is a healer of Team Alpha Freedom Flyers.

Personality & Character Edit

Skills & abilities Edit

Adelee is capable of healing/fixing her teammates, since her horn speciality is healing.

She's also a good flyer and fighter, her hooves can break skulls.

Backstory Edit

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • In first concepts, Adelee was supposed to have one side of her head damaged, primarily her eye, which was to be clawed out by Doucheicus. It was the reason as to why during her first appearance in the main comic she had one side of her head hidden by her mane. During later changes this concept was declined to avoid cliche.

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