Aolani Stareye
Full name Aolani Stareye
Also known as Lani
Age Late teens
Status Alive
Gender Female
Species Harpy
Civil status Not a citizen of Warfang
Created by poisondragon88
Belongs to poisondragon88

Personality & Character Edit

Lani is a bubbly young harpy that despite the current time and age remained hopeful that the world will become a safe place again. She is a very affectionate and talk active person and always loves to talk and ask about things, which can be annoying to some. She can also be quite bossy, pushy and loud which can sometimes cause some serious trouble for those near her.

Skills & abilities Edit

- Agility:  Lani is surprisingly agile despite the broken wing and would often run to safety or stick close to Macon in times of danger. Before she broken her wing, she was rather fast in the air as well. Though should her wing heal she'll still need time to get used to flying again

- photographic memory: She has a very good memory and knows where warfang is to the fact she had been there once before a long time ago. This also helps her reading Macons movements and act according if not reading darkers movement. 

Weaknesses Edit

  • Sensitive to hypnosis:  

despite her photographic memory  the hypnosis element will mess with it. She is easily affected by hypnosis as well; 

broken wing:  

Thanks to her broken wing she cannot fly nor fight properly and is forced to have Macon do the heavy lifting for her;

Backstory Edit

Lani had a normal childhood even though her family never really returned her affection and kindness, finding her mostly annoying and a pain to be with. Thanks to that Lani mostly tried to keep her own spirits up but even she had moments were she just broke down and cried for hours by herself. when she collapsed from exhaustion during the travel to Warfang, Her family left her for dead.  Fortunately for her however she was found and taken care of by a sound dragon called Macon Echotail. She's truly thankful to him and stuck by his side, relying on him to protect her from darkers and other dangers that lurk outside of Warfang. much to his dismay at the time. While traveling with Macon she tried to keep on her best behavior even though she annoyed him most of the time, if not accidentally lure darkers to them thanks to her being so loud. In time however she learns to settle down and keep her emotions down to earth.

Relationships Edit

Macon Echotail: She likes him, even-though her relationship with him started off rather rocky. She often annoyed him with questions or by simply talking about anything she wanted to talk about at the time. She would often argue with him and yet clung to him like a lost puppy err bird. Over time however she learned about Macon's past and felt sorry for the sound dragon and would help him as much as she could, even if there isn't much she could or CAN do in the first place. 

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