Full name Belokryl
Also known as Whitewing
Age Adult (at death)
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Species Pegasus
Civil status Freedom Flyer
Team Delta (Pre-Bloody Dawn)
Created by RusCSI
Belongs to RusCSI
Comics Old Scars

Personality & Character

He was quite a chatty and optimistic equine, but got silent when the topic was close to his "life before joining". Belokryl never revealed anything from his past, but it was obvious something bad happened, and he didn't want to bring it on again.

Skills & abilities

He was of a rather average horse size, but had more endurance, which resulted in him being able to fly for longer distances even with a rider. It was his main "duty" to carry a rider.

Belokryl could pull some aerial tricks in order to avoid being hit.

Also he could crush skulls and bones with his hooves.


He possessed no elemental power of any sort due to being a pegasus, plus his defence wasn't the greatest.


Unknown before he entered the Freedom Flyers as he never talked about his life.

He was killed with his team when they spotted the upcoming dark army, a bit before the battle of Bloody Dawn. His killer was Poisonbeak.



  • His name is of Slavic origin; originally it sounds as Белокрыл, which means "White wing".

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