Full name Blink
Age Adult
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Mole
Family Sis (mother)

Willard (foster brother, deceased)
Takanobu (uncle, deceased)

Civil status Freedom Flyer
Occupation Demolition Expert
Team Beta
Redesign by DragonOfIceAndFire

Personality & Character Edit

Blink never lost his chill personality, or his fresh-air-a-phobia. The latter he learnt to control, at least. Despite the trauma from two wars and loss of family, he's still able to crack jokes and lighten the mood, only serious when need be. He's eager to get to action, blow things up, and explore underground.

Skills & Abilities Edit

Being a mole, Blink is a very skilled digger. He also has some gadgets created by his uncle, the Professor. His weaponry consists of very destructive bombs (can carry 10 at a time) and two laser-cannons which are connected to his gloves. His goggles are able to find living objects (infrared) and zoom long distances.

Weaknesses Edit

Quite tiny compared to the world around him. He's at the size of a young teenaged dragon.

Backstory Edit

Blink grew up with his mother, uncle and adopted brother in Warfang during the Second Dark War. He and his brother defended the city together during the last attack, which both came out of alive. However, immediately after Spyro's turn to evil and the first darker attack on Warfang, his brother was killed by Raven, who then bit Blink's right arm off. Blink barely made it to safety alive. His uncle, the professor, developed a prosthetic to replace his lost arm, then invented new gadgets specifically for Blink to counter attackers and protect himself and others. Blink helped out the man in his lab, assisting in the development of the Warfang wall and barrier. His uncle's involvement in designing the Freedom Flyer headquarters led him to become a recruit for the elite teams, and he was eventually let in to team Beta.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

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