Full name Blizatrinix
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Gender Female
Species Dark dragon
Type Normal
Element(s) Dark ice, mist
Skill level Master
Civil status Not a citizen of Warfang
Dark army status Soldier
Intelligence High
Can speak? Yes
Created by Snowfleet
Belongs to Snowfleet

Personality & Character Edit

Blizatrinix loves to be in control. Despite her soldier ranking, she will pick on weaker darkers and become a pseudo Alpha (leader) in a certain area. She is exceptionally vain as she uses her own powers to make herself look "normal" (such as using her ice to make a mist like tail). Do NOT EVER make fun of her tail...or mention it. Unless you compliment on it...then you might be okay.

When an Alpha or any darker of a higher rank comes too close, she will back away. She's not afraid to die, but Blizatrinix doesn't want to die yet either.

Like most darkers, she will never back down from a fight and will fight to the death (though her cunning has kept her alive thus far).

Skills & abilities Edit

Blizatrinix is built with the body of an eastern. Long and slender with sharp paws. Do not confuse her toes with claws. She has none.

This darker is very intelligent. She knows how to use her ice powers, combining it with her mist to be able to confuse her foes. Due to her lack of strength, except in her jaws, she manipulates the field to her advantage.

Dark ice breath Edit

This is just her basic breath. It helps slow enemies, but that's all it does.

Gator crunch Edit

Her jaw is absurdly powerful, and that's how she maintains her dominance amongst the weaker darkers. When she gets her jaws around someone neck, it's game over.

Lands of mists Edit

To further confuse her enemies, Blizatrinix drops a heavy coat of mist around the maze like area she makes with her ice.

Mystical mirrors Edit

Blizatrinixcan summon large monuments of ice come together around her foe and reflect the reflections of whoever is there. She can arrange it as a maze as well.

Weaknesses Edit

Elemental Light.

Hardly has any defense other than her ice. If someone can see past her maze and gets to her, she's vulnerable.

Also, she's vain. Insult her and she will easily lose her composure.

Backstory Edit

Hatched to two darkers who died in battle, Blizatrinix grew up normally. Being alone so much lead her to fully mastering her element within months and teaching herself the mist element shortly after. She's only ever focused on herself and is addicted to power. No mate or children. At the time being, no one has seen her.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

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