This is an elemental research about Blood element, a guideline.
All the mentioned abilities are the basics, and by no means are the only possible abilities of this element.
It's only used to show the differences in elemental levels.

Description Edit

Blood is an element that can be found in both Earth and Water branches, however, in 95% of cases the users are water type dragons/darkers. This element is quite rare amongst both sides, but more users are darkers rather than dragons, as darkers spill blood all the time and are not scared of it.

It's one of the hardest elements to master, but at the same time, one of the most powerful. It's much easier to master if the user is a duo-breather, and their second/main element is water.

Blood itself is a bodily liquid that delivers necessary substances such as nutrients and oxygen to the cells and transports metabolic waste products away from those same cells. If creatures run out of blood or lose too much, they die.

A blood user usually starts with basics of blood bending.

Skill levels & abilities Edit

Starter level: Basics of blood bending, a discovery of being able to control the already spilt blood, which is still liquid. It seems like water bending, moving it here and there.

Intermediate level: Upon further training, the users learn to treat wounds, making the blood stop, “conserving” the cuts, or vice versa, making it bleed endlessly.

Disgusting as it sounds, the users may learn to breathe portions of blood, similarly to how water dragons - water. If the user is a darker, their blood can be even poisonous, but usually it’s just gross. Small portions. Obviously not their blood, just magically created portions of blood.

Average level: All the previously levels' skills but stronger and more stable.

Master level: With the blood bending, they begin to manipulate body parts, and then - the whole body. It requires a lot of concentration to pull the full body as a doll, and the bigger it is, the more difficult it is. The blood "breath" portions are bigger.

By mastering the basics of bloodbending, the users may learn how to use it to change the blood structure more drastically. For example, they can cut themselves and throw the blood drops onto their enemy; the blood drops become solid blood needles/arrows and pierce the enemy. The only condition is that the blood for weapons must have at least a few drops of the user's own blood, otherwise it can't work well.

Guardian level: Blood bending on the Guardian level is much easier, requires less concentration. Even bigger portions of blood "breath", a few litres of it in one "charge", enough to cover someone in blood completely.

They can create spears and swords out of blood, or even some sort of armour plates on their body; they don't require their blood participation in it anymore.

Notes Edit

  • While no one have seen a blood fury, it's confirmed to exist, yet no one knows what it is;
  • The only blood users amongst dragons are Lawrence and Arterious;
  • Blood darkers tend to be fond of blood and often favour it as a drink.