Full name Crowley
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Gender Female
Species Dark dragon
Type Parasite
Element(s) Dark ice
Skill level Master
Civil status Not a citizen of Warfang
Dark army status Beta
Intelligence High
Can speak? Yes
Created by DragonOfIceAndFire
Belongs to desrosaur

Personality & Character Edit

Mostly serious, doesn’t speak unless she has something worthwhile to say. Like most darkers, she’s sadistic and if she has the opportunity, she’ll let her victim die a slow death. Prefers to eat meat that is frozen solid for some reason.

Skills & abilities Edit

Basic ice attacks. Spitting a stream of freezing ice, ice shards, freezing objects by touching them, ice fury.

Defense Edit

She can freeze her scales to increase her defense and create ice shields to protect herself from damaging elemental attacks.

Ice fangs and claws Edit

Her claws and teeth are made of dark ice. She is able to change the size and length of them at will. If they break, she will just ‘remake’ them. If you’re scratched or bitten by her, you will not bleed, because your wounds are already frozen. Very slowly and painfully, your internals will turn to solid ice.

Ice horns/spikes Edit

By using her element, Crowley can create her own, temporary horns or spikes for combat. Getting stabbed by these will have the same effect as getting scratched by her claws. Bring blankets, because you’re gonna get cold.

The spikes on her tail are launchable. With a swing, she can send off quick, deadly ice shards that can go straight through an enemy like a sniper bullet.

Resistance Edit

Much to one’s surprise, she is able to resist fire. With her strong defense abilities, she can minimalize damage taken to her.

She can also reflect lasers with her ice.

Water dragons are probably at greatest disadvantage against her. She will take their attacks, freeze them and use it against them.

Weaknesses Edit

Elemental light.

Certain earth elements (earth, earthquake, stone, crystal) and sound can shatter her ice, if strong enough.

Backstory Edit


Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • Her parasite trait is, ironically, a ‘flaming’ mane. Her mane is so cold, putting your hand near it will give you instant frostbite;
  • She walks on two legs.

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