Drace Blackhorn
Full name Drace
Age Young adult
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Half-darker
Type Dragon halfer
Element(s) Laser
Skill level Master
Family Doucheicus Blackclaw (father, deceased)
Ashen (mother, deceased)
Saphira Starwing (foster mother)
Civil status 1st class civilian
Occupation Guardian's apprentice
Seva's bodyguard
Created by DragonOfIceAndFire
Belongs to DragonOfIceAndFire
Comics Lost Egg
Stranger Danger

Drace is the illegitimate son of Doucheicus Blackclaw. His mother was a darker.

He is the Laser Guardian's apprentice... Technically. Since his father, AKA The Laser Guardian died during the bloody dawn, he's self taught himself how to wield his element.

Personality & Character Edit

Because Drace is the child of Blackclaw and a darker, he's severely antisocial, borderline emotionless with no sense of sympathy or empathy and lacking in morals. However, he has no interest and takes no pleasure in hurting others in any way, so he does not bother to harm anyone.

Drace prefers to stay inside and never be seen by others.

Skills & abilities Edit

Laser Beam Edit

Drace is capable of shooting a pink laser that can shatter most solid objects. The beam however is hardly effective against reflective surfaces like metal and ice - although the laser is hot enough to melt the ice over time.

Laser Shield Edit

Drace can summon a protective shield of laser. He can make a wall of it, or a ball-shaped one to encase him completely. The shield can be worn down from hits until it is eventually broken or Drace loses focus. (Drace used this ability in Stranger Danger to protect himself from Burner's fire)

Backstory Edit

Drace is the result of Doucheicus Blackclaw's inappropriate playing with female darkers. The darker that laid his egg left it immediately - it was then found by the dragon that would become his adoptive mother.

Relationships Edit

Seva Whitemane Edit

Drace serves as Seva's bodyguard, and he's quite protective of her.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

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