Full name Ehrkann
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Dark dragon
Type Parasite
Element(s) Shadow
Skill level Master
Family Korfeo (father)
Damien (half-brother)
Obscura Starwing (half-sister)
Photilarimas (half-sister)
Civil status Not a citizen of Warfang
Dark army status Soldier
Intelligence Average
Can speak? Yes
Created by RusCSI
Belongs to RusCSI
Comics Main comic

Personality & Character

Ehrkann is rather calm and quiet, stealthy as a shadow. He finds no pleasure in killing things, therefore when he fights, he tries to deal with enemies quickly, viewing them as nothing else, but obstacles.

However, he has a fondness of blood, but unlike his parents, he doesn't bother tasting it first by scratching/biting/wounding the victim first. Ehrkann analyzes the victim, mostly their smell, and decides, whether they are worthy a shot or not. If they are fitting, he will weaken them, suffocate in shadow breath and/or immobilize by breaking their spine, and only then try their blood. A good taste would end with the victim being sucked dry, and a bad one - a quick death by breaking/twisting their neck.

Skills & abilities

Ehrkann usually fights without using his shadow abilities, in a typical physical combat. He can cut, pierce and slice with his tail blade, claws, spikes and horns.


As a parasite darker, he can feed on fear and disgust, but does it quite rarely.

Shadow breath

A normal shadow breath that blinds and suffocates the enemy.

Shadow claws

He can empower his front paws with shadow fire and strike the enemy with it.

Shadow form

He can turn into a shadow for some time. The shadow is immune to all attacks, except elemental light.

Shadow wing arms

Despite being wingless, Ehrkann can summon shadow wings, which are "attached" to his front legs. He resembles a wyvern this way, but as his "wing arms" are not build for flapping a lot, he rarely flaps, mostly soars; the shadows hold him in the air.


Elemental light.

Shadow wings work at max for a few hours, so he needs to recharge it by feeding or absorbing the dark energy of dark crystals.


The boy hatched and got caught by his "mother", who, despite hating darker blood, wanted to try a newly hatched one's, since she never had done it before. The hatchling had only 4 legs, no wings... an easy prey. She threw the kid up and prepared to crush the small body with her teeth when nothing landed, and her jaws clasped nothing, but air. Surprised, she looked around and found nothing as well. It couldn't be an illusion, no. Hm. Unsatisfied, she walked away, not noticing a small ball of shadows in the far corner of the cave.

The ball of shadows grew up and mastered his shadow element in a short period of time (thanks to papa's genes). He also acquired a liking of blood.



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