Electroy Thunderfang
Full name Electroy Thunderfang
Age Teen
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Western dragon
Type Electric dragon
Element(s) Electricity
Skill level Average
Family Allegro Nightteller (father)(deceased)
Harmonika Thunderfang (mother)
Zeus Thunderfang (uncle)
Floris Leafwing (aunt)
Volteer Thunderfang (grandfather)
Civil status 1st class civilian
Occupation Guardian apprentice
Created by Xannador
Belongs to Xannador
Comics Main comic
Stranger Danger
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Electroy Thunderfang is one of main characters of Pure Light comic.

Personality & Character Edit

Electroy is known for his cheerful personality and enjoys playing pranks on his friends and classmates. He cares a lot for his friends.

Skills & abilities Edit

Average electric abilities. Probably if he didn't skip his lessons, he'd be a master already.

Backstory Edit

Average life of a rather spoiled child, which made him carefree.

Relationships Edit

Validor Starwing Edit

Electroy's friend, whom is also often a victim for his pranks, because he is easily scared and clumsy.

Tori Jewelhorn Edit

Another of Electroy's friends. She doesn't always approve of how Electroy acts though.

Burner Phoenixwing Edit

They are each others' opposites, but still great friends. Proof that opposites attract.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

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