Main info
Full title Encounter
Type Comic
Style Digital
Status Finished
Pages 7
Created by
Author RusCSI
Places to read
Deviantart link to the 1st page

Encounter was a comic by RusCSI about "everyday life in the city of Warfang", specifically about the confrontation of a 3rd-class non-adult dragon by a royal guard.

Plot Edit

Korya stumbles upon a police guard who is picking up on a poor 3rd class dragon girl Iky and decides to interfere.

To his luck, he gets some help.

Main characters Edit

Notes Edit

  • Originally the comic was supposed to end with Eirei offering a place for iky to stay. With him and his son;
  • This short comic has 'royal guards', which were later changed to police officers;
  • Noire was retrieved by their creator from PL, so the character is uncanon for PL now, considered as cameo only.

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