Flamecrawler Profile
Full name Flamecrawler
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Dark dragon
Type Parasite
Element(s) Dark fire, Smoke
Skill level Master, Average
Civil status Not a citizen of Warfang
Dark army status Elite
Intelligence High
Can speak? Yes
Created by Darkanioid1997
Belongs to Darkanioid1997

Personality & Character Edit

Flamecrawler is smart, but he tends to psychotic behavior. He got used to killing until it became his hobby, he can even express disappointment if someone does not give him a proper battle. His mood can change easily. On some days he shows his intelligence, but on other days he behaves very psychotic. He has pyromania in addition to his sadistic tendency.

He used to have a disturbing habit to "play" with the army/help before the Bloody Dawn: when they were coming to rescue civilians outside the wall, he would put civilians at risk and challenge them to save them, or hurt a civilian (usually a child) and make a soldier to chase him in order to save the citizen.

He knows that metal armour can be heated and burn the creature who wears it, thus sometimes practices this trick as well.

Skills & abilities Edit

Flamecrawler prefers to use fire since it's the elemment that he managed to master. He uses his average leveled smoke element in order to give himself cover when he uses fire abilities to born his opponents. Flamecrawler feeds on worry and frustration.

Fire Balls Edit

He can shoot fireballs from his claw.

Fire Claw Edit

He can cover his claw with fire and use it like a fire sword.

Fire Touch Edit

He can ignite things by touching them. The touch can also heat metal armour.

Fire Wings Edit

He has unique wings, he can attack with them or use them for flying. He can hover in he air or use them as a jet engine and fly at high speed.

He can also use them to climb and walk around like a spider.

Flamethrower Edit

He can emit a flamethrower from his claw which is useful in a closed space.

Smokescreen Edit

He can emit smoke from his wings.

If he flies in a straight track, it will create a "wall" of smoke that will dissipate after a few minutes.

Smoke Tornado Edit

He can spin in the air and fill the area with smoke.

The smoke will dissipate more slowly, in amount that enough to cause every non-fire creature to cough.

Body Temperature Edit

Flamecrawler has a full control over his body temperature. He is immune to heating and freezing. Only rain may be tricky for him, but overall he has no problem with temperatures.

Weaknesses Edit

Elemental light.

Wind attacks can dissipate the smoke, making his smoke attacks useless.

Accurate shots of Water to his wings while he's flying will neutralize the fire, making him crash to the ground. Rain can hinder him maintain body temperature in the cold.

Backstory Edit

It is unknown where Flamecrawler came from, but everyone knows about his... unique personality. He managed to get attention for his behavior, and everyone manages to recognize him when he flies on high speed and laughs "RAHAHAHAHAW!".

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • He will not kill children, only use them to make an adult to chase him, if the adult does not give a challenge, he'll kill the child;
  • His laughter sounds like "RAHAHAHAHAW!";
  • His fire-eye causes his face to be slightly asymmetrical.

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