Floe Snowscale
Full name Floe Snowscale
Age Pre-teen
Status Alive
Gender Female
Species Western dragon
Type Ice dragon
Element(s) Ice
Skill level Starter
Family Heastah Iceblade
(foster father)
Civil status Not a citizen of Warfang
Created by DragonOfIceAndFire
Belongs to RusCSI (transfer)
Comics The Hunt

Personality & Character Edit

During the life with her tribe, she had quite careless days. As the hunting and fighting was assigned to strong male dragons, "warriors", she was taught nothing at all, not even flying (flying lessons were scheduled to be started a bit later). Floe has no idea how the meat she eats can come from the prey she sees (how do you get steaks from an arcow? magic? food magic?).

She tends to have nightmares about the slaughter of her tribe, but these became less frequent with Heastah's company.

Skills & Abilities Edit

Her only elemental skill she has somewhat developed is an ice breath, but it's not very strong, can barely freeze things.

Weaknesses Edit

She can't fly as she was never taught how.

Pretty much defenceless against any enemy.

Backstory Edit

Floe is one of very few survivors outside Warfang territory.

She lived with the rest of her tribe inside a hollow mountain in the arctic, protected by magic similar to the barrier protecting Warfang. Though, this little safe haven was eventually infiltrated by darkers, and everyone was killed but her.

The Hunt Edit

WARNING: This section contains spoilers for the special The Hunt !

It's been a few days since the infiltration when she was spotted by a darker, who chased her in order to catch and eat. Thankfully, Floe was able to find a hole in a rock and fit herself there, and the darker, due to being rather big, couldn't claw her out.

She was saved when Heastah Iceblade fought the darker off and offered her to accompany him.

Relationships Edit

Heastah Iceblade Edit

A dragon who saved her from being eaten. She views him as a hero (kid crush).

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

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