Full name Glaciem
Also known as Frost blade, Ice smith
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Gender Female
Species Dark dragon
Type Normal
Element(s) Dark ice
Skill level Master
Civil status Not a citizen of Warfang
Dark army status Soldier
Intelligence High
Can speak? Yes
Created by TheDeadlyMillipede
Belongs to RusCSI
Comics The Hunt

Even the most pitiful darkers can end up becoming deadly, just as Glaciem.

Personality & Character

Glaciem is known for being a intelligent Darker. She can be malicious and violent in battle, killing all she comes across. She is also a clever manipulator and is able to lie with ease as she managed to trick many Darkers with low intelligence to not attack her and go for something else instead. ALso she is known for holding grudges and ended up killing the Darkers that tried to kill her when she was young, and would intentionally seek out soldiers that hurt her when in battle to kill them.

She can have a bit of a temper, getting angry at small things. Glaciem has a twisted sense of humor, the pain of others makes her laugh, and she is known for her sadistic smile.

She despises other living things, both Darker and dragon alike.

Skills & abilities

She is able to use her ice breath to attach unmelting ice weapons to her body, usually her wings, tail and claws. She will also use this power to make large horns and can also make armor.


Aside from elemental light, her ice can be melt only by intense heat (this is the only thing that can melt her ice, room temperature or body heat has no effect), so she usually tries to avoid fighting fire dragons.


Ever since she was a hatchling she was weak, other Darkers would always attack her which left her with many scars. Eventually she ended up having her front legs torn off by a Darker, rendering her useless in combat. At the time she had no idea of her elemental capabilities.

Weak, with no understanding of her element and incapable of fighting, she would often hide in caves or remain hidden during battle. However, later she discovered her incredible and unusual ice powers. Not only was her ice breath incredibly powerful, she could also control it and prevent it from melting. She used this new-found power to create new prosthesis', as well as add different weapons to her body. She became a powerful and feared foe, using her sharp blade-like front legs to slash through armies with ease.



  • Before she discovered her powers she would use her front wings for support;
  • She is terrible at flying, mostly because she has huge tears in her wings;
  • The weapons she makes aren't always the same thing, sometimes her front legs can be made large and smooth at the bottom for stomping, and sometimes they are thin and sharp like a sword.

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