This is an elemental research about Ice elements, a guideline.
It includes Ice, Dark ice.
All the mentioned abilities are the basics, and by no means are the only possible abilities of these elements.
It's only used to show the differences in elemental levels.

Description Edit

Ice is usually just frozen water, so sometimes people consider ice to be a part of the water element, as it's just one of water forms. In Pure Light, ice is separate from water as it focuses on using the freezing ability in different ways.

There are 2 ice elements - ice (normal) and dark ice.

1. Ice Edit

Normal ice element, unique to dragons only. It's known to be able to harm dark ice users a bit, and due to its light origin it works well on darkers, harming them more than non-darkers (if ice hits fire and dark fire users equally, the dark fire one will receive more damage).

2. Dark ice Edit

Dark ice is a dark equivalent to (normal) ice, unique to darkers only. It's darker than just ice.

Similarly, dark ice can harm ice dragons a bit due to its dark origin. It works better on non-darkers for the same reason.

Skill levels & abilities Edit

  • The guide is about the use of the ice a dragon/darker creates out of nowhere. It doesn't apply to freezing any kind of liquid (especially water).

For example, a dragon with starter level can freeze a pool of water easily, but they cannot freeze something like enemy's paw with their created ice, since they're not skilled in it yet. If the enemy is wet, they can freeze it; but otherwise, no. Not yet.

Starter level: a weak ice breath, short, can barely freeze*.

Intermediate level: a stronger ice breath, can freeze many things*, but not all. It can variate between one long single breath and “spits”. Spits often look like shard pieces, which makes the user breathe ice shards (not very big and solid).

The user starts learning how to create shards with paws, to use separately from breathing.

Average level: All the previously levels' skills but stronger and more stable.

Master level: a freezing ice breath (practically mastered, can cover an area (cavern, room) completely in ice, freezing everything)*. Ice shards can be breathed and summoned separately, out of “thin air”.

The user learns how to freeze just by touching something (ice touch), cover parts of themselves in ice/ice magic.

The incomplete ice fury consists of the user, surrounding themselves in a "bubble"/wall of ice magic and then making it explode, freezing the area and closely standing/flying enemies.

Guardian level: fully mastered ice breath*, shards, ice touch. If it's required, the user can coverthemselves completely in ice/ice magic, turning everyone who touches them into frozen ice statues.

Can use the (true) ice fury: a blast of ice magic, freezing anything in area, with shouting ice shards in most directions.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • It's a well-known fact that melted ice is water, therefore ice users can always have water to drink. However, melted dark ice is poisonous as a drink to dragons due to its dark origin.

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