Kadir Copperheart
Full name Kadir Copperheart
Age Teen
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Western dragon
Type Earth dragon
Element(s) Earth, metal
Skill level Average, beginner
Family Titan Ironhorn (father)
Terraria Soilwing (mother)
Mercura Copperheart (sister)
Civil status 2nd class civilian
Occupation None
Created by Karasura-ka
Belongs to Karasura-ka

Personality & Character Edit

He is usually a calm and fair dragon. Also, he doesn't like fights. While his sister is the more serious of the two, he acts more like a prankster. Even if he sometimes acts like an idiot for others, he is actually very clever and imaginative. He tries to act like a protective big brother for his sister... But in the end, she typically has to save his ass because she is the better fighter of the two. Also, like her, he wants to meet their real parents, mostly to understand why they gave him and his sister away. Half the time he hates them for giving his sister and him away, but the other half of the time he wants to meet them, to talk to them so he can understand and, maybe, forgive them.

Skills & Abilities Edit

He is very talented with his main element, earth, which could be due to who his parents are. He can barely use his other element, metal. He can't control it, however, on rare occasions, he can use it skillfully. These moments are as grand as they are rare.

Weaknesses Edit

He is not a very fast flyer. Also he is not a fan of Water and Fire.

Backstory Edit

His mother gave him and his sister away to the orphanage. She only left them a tail ring and a necklace.

Kadir never really understood why she did this or why she sends them money if she didn't want him and his sister. The siblings ended up getting raised by the orphanage until they got adopted.

Relationships Edit

Mercura Copperheart Edit

He loves to play pranks on his sister, however he sometimes gets in trouble due to his pranks, which causes his sister to have to help him. While he may bug her a lot, he really loves his sister. He would never leave her on her own and if she ever needs him he will be there for her.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • His tail ring is a gift from his mother. Even if he is a little angry with his biological parents, he wears the tail ring and treats it like it's his biggest treasure;
  • Most others think he is a childish idiot, but he is actually quite clever and can be serious, if he wants to be.

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