Kardrex Boulderback
Kardrex profile by poisondragon88-d9a0x3k
Full name Kardrex Boulderback
Also known as Rex
Age Adult (at death)
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Species Western dragon
Type Earth dragon
Element(s) Earth
Skill level Average
Family Dorathia Jadenhorn (mate)
Lackus (son, deceased)
Civil status 2nd class civilian
Occupation Unknown
Created by poisondragon88
Belongs to poisondragon88
Comics To Rise To Fall

Personality & Character Edit

Kardrex was surprisingly timid despite his rough look. Always cautious and worrying about things. He hid his insecurities with a mask of seriousness, bravery, and grumpiness.

Although he was able to fool everyone with his facade, he couldn't trick Dorathia. He deeply cared about her from the very moment they met. He never minds it to help others out as long as he knew it was safe and trusted the person or dragon he was helping.  When his son was born he was the happiest he'd ever been. He had a silly goofy side that came out whenever he was playing with his son or messing around with Dorathia.  

He was kind but strict as well.

Skills & abilities Edit

He had the ability to sense when something bad was going to happen.  It was like a six sense he had since birth. 

He can use his massive spiked tail to do massive damage to enemies (one good strong swing can break apart a stone wall)

His back is covered with rock-hard scales which can protect him from physical damage to his back.

Weaknesses Edit

Despite his ability to sense trouble, he has no way of identifying what is going to happen. This also makes him feel rather uneasy and nervous.

Although his back is well armored the rest of his body is easy to cut through.

His big tail tends to slow him down a bit cause of its size and weight.

Backstory Edit

Back when he was a child, he was a very anxious young dragon. He was picked on by other dragons in and outside of schools.

When he met Dorathia for the first time, he had instant respect for her, not just because of her bravery to stand up for him but also her kindness. The two became close friends afterwards. He gradually started to gain feelings for her and tried to strengthen himself, so he could both impress her and stand up for himself, so she didn't had to 'safe his ass' all the time. Obviously Dorathia didn't fell for it as she liked him for who he was and so didn't needed him to impress her. He stopped trying to impress her since then and stayed himself since then....well that is himself around her that is, around others he puts up a tough facade. He wasn't good at it at first but became better with time. 

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Notes Edit

  • He was killed by Ravah.