Kosatka Seafin
Full name Kosatka Seafin
Age Pre-teen
Status Alive
Gender Female
Species Western dragon
Type Water dragon
Element(s) Bubble
Skill level Intermediate
Family Kit Seafin (father)
Foamie Bubblespots (mother)
Civil status 1st class civilian
Occupation Guardian apprenice
Created by Nikary
Belongs to Nikary
Comics Guardian

Kosatka Seafin is the Bubble Guardian apprentice.

Personality & Character Edit

Playful and bubbly. Acts like there isn't a care in the world, seems to ignore everything bad happening around her. Loves bubbles, always plays with them. Wants to master her element, to be able to do anything she wants with it. Sometimes pulls pranks with bubbles. And most of the time, she is seen riding a big bubble.

Likes everyone she meets. Doesn't like seeing negative emotions. If someone dares to express something negative right in the middle of conversation with her, she'll spit bubbles at them.

Doesn't seem to take anything seriously. In a fight, she would mostly just dodge. Jump from her bubble, explode it, and then create a new one to land on.

Skills & Abilities Edit

Can spit out a small portion of bubbles. They're about as painful as if she just slapped with her paw instead.

Can make one big bubble she can sit on. Also can explode it.

Can breathe bubbles over objects to contain them. The objects can be size her head or smaller, otherwise her bubble pops before she can make it the right size.

Weaknesses Edit

Often can get too careless. It's easy to take her by surprise.

She is just a child. Has little physical strength, and her element isn't exactly trained to a fighting level yet, either.

Backstory Edit

She loved bubbles long before discovering her element. Her father, whose element was also bubbles, played with her a lot. Thanks to him, Kosatka discovered her element at a young age. And got so excited! At first, she just spit out some bubbles and tried to catch them before they pop on their own. Then, her father gave her a couple of lessons... and then Kit carelessly mentioned the Bubble Guardian. The next instant, Kosatka already knew who she wants to be.

After that, Kosatka started chasing after the Bubble Guardian, begging to take her as Apprentice. There were times when the Bubble Guardian just steps outside, and energetic "Gooood moooooorniiiiiiing" follows. The Guardian then turns her head to see Kosatka already there, shining with her cutest smile.

Relationships Edit

Kit Seafin Edit

Kosatka still loves to play with her daddy, she just doesn't think she should learn from him when she has the option of becoming a Guardian.

Foamie Bubblespots Edit

Kosatka loves her mommy. Kosatka's mommy worries about her daughter a lot, especially because of Kosatka's personality, but is also proud of her.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

Kosatka is one of main characters in fan-comic Pranksters and also appears in Guardian.

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