Lackus profile by poisondragon88-d9a0x4g
Full name Lackus Jadenhorn-Boulderback
Also known as Lacky
Age Kid (at death)
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Species Western dragon
Type Earth/fire dragon mix
Element(s) Earth
Skill level Starter*
Family Dorathia Jadenhorn (mother)
Kardrex Boulderback (father, deceased)
Civil status 2nd class civilian
Occupation None
Created by poisondragon88
Belongs to poisondragon88
Comics To Rise To Fall

Personality & Character Edit

He was a bright lil' dragon. He wanted to do great things when he got older, helping and protecting others. He had dreams of becoming a Royal Guard or even a guardian.  Enthusiastic and very excitable, he was always moving around , playing or helping his parents around with things. He was rarely sad and when he was he never remained sad for long. He used to play a lot with his father and cuddle a lot with his mom before bed time.  

He had a lot of kindness in him, but also a lot of naivety which became one of the reasons he meet his end. 

Skills & Abilities Edit

He was fast on his feet and his small frame actually helped him out  during training against bigger students.

He could use his earth breath  really well although it was still kinda 'shakey'.

Backstory Edit

He was still in early training, better then a starter yet not at an intermediate lv. This was the other main thing that cost him his life, as he was unable to properly defend himself well enough to stay alive. He loved both of his parents dearly...

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • His skill level was in-between Starter and Intermediate.