Lisa Spikeback
Full name Lisa Spikeback
Age Young adult
Status Alive
Gender Female
Species Western dragon
Type Wind/fire dragon mix
Element(s) Wind, hypnosis
Skill level Master, intermediate*
Family Olivher Spikeback (father)
Selina Spikeback (mother)
Civil status 1st class civilian
Created by Darkanioid1997
Belongs to Darkanioid1997
Comics Main comic
Sp: Foolish Heart

Lisa Spikeback, a young dragoness who always lived with questions, questions she could not answer, questions about the mysterious disappearances of both her parents.

Personality & Character Edit

Lisa hates liars, as well as the rich and pampered girls. In her opinion, everyone has to be tough to live during the war. She also despises being left in the shadows, having questions that should be answered.

She will not sit quietly when someone insults her, and she's not afraid to defend herself when someone tries to attack her.

She hates Darkers, especially the one called Blazing Eye. She hates the purple dragons and she will suspect anyone that shows any kind of connection to them or to the Darkers, with the exceptions of the Freedom Flyers Flame Goldcrest and General Cynder.

Skills & abilities Edit

Air Breath Edit

Normal breath attacks of air. She can use it to push her opponents back, or aim it to their eyes in order to damage their field of view.

Air Manipulation Edit

Lisa can control air currents and cause them to move as she wishes. She also can create her own wind currents, if there is no wind blowing around.

Air Stealing Edit

Lisa can suck the air from the lungs of her enemies. She can choke them for a while or kill them.

Hypnosis Edit

Lisa can read people's minds, see their memories or control them physically.

*Her hypnosis is underdeveloped, so she has no control over it. Her hypnosis only works when she is really upset, as she can't choose how to control the victim or how long the hypnosis will last.

Weaknesses Edit

Her hypnosis is not developed, so using it will drain all her energy, requiring her to rest she can use her elements again. In the worst case, she might even faint.

After the confrontation with Flamecrawler in 1578, her left eye was damaged, she sees a little, but not enough to really see. She will never admit this weakness herself.

Backstory Edit

Pre-Bloody Dawn Edit

Lisa was born in 1560, growing up in the first class by her father, Olivher Spikeback. She never knew her mother. It did not bother her much, but she felt that something was... missing. When she was 5 years old, Lisa learned about the concept of "mother" and asked her father where her own mother is, telling her that she was gone, and he did not know when she would return. In the same day, her father was expecting a guest, and he asked her to stay in her room. Out of curiosity, she quoted them a few seconds and heard the guest's name, her name was Nirra.

When Lisa was 7 years old, she discovered her element, Wind. Olivher was strangely worried. He hired a private teacher for Lisa. After a year, she began to study in a real school. She could not fit with the other girls because she was gray and spiky, not fancy and beautiful like the rest. Between the classes, some of them were showing off their rich mothers, Lisa was embarrassed because she did not know anything about her mother. When Lisa came home, she asked her father to tell her about her mother. He told her that her name was Selina Spikeback, and she was very kind. He said good things about her, but he was sad, not because she died. He looked like he regretted something.

As time passed, Lisa became more talented with her element. She also became more interested in her mother more-so than ever before. She asked her father often about her mother, but he did not want to give her new information. Lisa wanted to know more, how she disappeared, why she didn't came back, why her father didn't wanted look for her, and why, why he was always sad when he talked about her? She asked him resolutely, and each time he looked at her, he felt something, some kind of power that tries to make him talk.

Lisa did not like that her father hid information from her, knowing he was lying and also knowing that her father knew something. It was her right to know what happened to her mother. Her father was a Freedom Flyer, so he was often away from home. She sometimes was alone at home and thought. Her life was hard, but it became even more difficult when it happened...

Post-Bloody Dawn Edit

In 1573, Olivher fought in the "Bloody Dawn" and was killed. Lisa was 13 years old, and she did not know about it. A nature dragoness came to her house, her name being Rosmeri Greenclow. She told Lisa that her father was gone, and she was her Guardian, even showing her a certificate with her father's signature. Lias still studied as usual and Rosmeri worked and maintained the house. Lisa lost her father and her mother, and both of them "disappeared". Poor Lisa wanted answers and her Guardian did not answer. When her father was alive, Lisa still felt she was not alone, now feeling isolated, which began her hatred of her Guardian.

Lisa felt that the situation was too complicated: her mother was gone, her father didn't give any answers to her disappearance, said answers dying with her father, and now only Rosmeri, her legal Guardian, would've give her the answers she so needs. Lisa always tried to ask her every day, but she did not answer her, like something was holding her back. Lisa began to feel that she was living a lie, and to her, everyone she knew hid things from her, making her become an aggressive and depressed young dragoness. At school, the other girls began to insult Lisa because of her aggressive behavior, calling her "A Disguised Darker" and subsequently attacking one of them for it. Of course, she was expelled from school. She blamed Rosmeri for all of this and began to hate her even more.

Lisa could not take it anymore, and one night in 1576, she was screaming at Rosmeri to tell the truth, now and immediately. Lisa looked at her with hatred and rage, commanding her to say anything now. Rosmeri looked at her to say no to her, and suddenly she was in shock. She said to her in a strange voice, "I'll tell you." Lisa actually hypnotized her, this was the power that Olivher felt, she has another element, hypnosis. Rosmeri told Lisa the truth about her father: he was killed by a Darker with a claw and strange wings that called "Blazing Eye". But that's not all, Lisa did not control her element and she accidentally went deeper into Rosmeri's mind. She found things there that should not be revealed at all.

Rosmeri's real name was Nirra, Nirra Greenwing. She was a friend of Olivher in the village that where they lived in, outside the walls. They both got drunk one night and they did "things" behind Selina's back, Olivher tried to hide it from her but he failed, Selina was an hypnosis dragon, and she had to enter his mind to discover the truth. She left him and took their egg, Lisa's egg, with her. Even Nirra laid an egg from this case and kept it with her. Olivher wanted to try to apologize to her and tell her what happened, but it was too late, Darkers invaded the village and killed her, Olivher went to her house and rescued the egg. Nirra managed to escape, but she lost her egg. Both of them, along with the survivors, fled to Warfang, and both were able to enter the second class. Olivher became a Freedom Flyer, and after a while he managed to reach the first class. Olivher could blame Nirra in all of this, but she was all he had now. Both were drunk on that night, and eventually paid the price for it. There was some kind of sympathy between them. Olivher was afraid that something would happen to him outside the walls, and he Appointed Nirra to be Lisa's legal guardian.

Information, too much information entered the young dragoness's head, until she got tired and the hypnosis stopped. Nirra freed from the influence and saw Lisa, still trying to figure out what she discovered. She shook her head to go back to concentrating, then released her nerves on the Guardian. She yelled at her and cursed her, She wanted to suck the air from Nirra's lungs in order to kill her, but the hypnosis took all her energy. Lisa ran away from home while Nirra cried about her scars reopened.

Lisa was away from home a few days, trying to better understand what she saw. All this information... made her get out of her mind, she did not know what she was doing. She tried to relax out there, but every time she tried to sleep, images flashed through her head and caused her to woke up, sweating and panting. Nirra's memories were stuck in her own. After a while she was able to overcome the memories and separate them from her's. Lisa threw all the anger, all the hatred and all the grief on the only thing she found guilty: Blazing Eye. She began to think that maybe her mother was killed by this darker too. Lisa was ready to go home, but what she would say to Nirra? how she will resume the relationship?

Lisa came home and saw Nirra. She apologized for everything she has done for her. Tears flowed from Lisa's eyes and for the first time after many years, she cried. Nirra didn't need hypnosis to understand what Lisa had in life, and hugged her. "It's not you, It's these freaking Darkers!", Lisa said, Nirra accepted her apology and promised her that they will recreate the family that these creatures destroyed.

Lisa tried everything she could to restore her relationship with Nirra and try to be nicer. She started hanging out with her, and go together for shopping and Trips. she even considered to try go back to school soon. Sometimes she was walking alone among the districts and was occasionally encountered Validor Starwing and Tori Jewelhorn, even Electroy Thunderfang one time. However, they never spoke to each other.

One day, in 1578, Lisa was walking out and tried to enjoy her day until the force field breached, and dozens of Darkers began to invade the city. When she tries to return to her house, she noticed to a specific Darker killing a guard. He was orange and blue, he had a claw on his left hand, Strange wings and fire left eye, it was him, the one who killed her father, one who ruined her soul. Flamecrawler, Blazing Eye himself.

Curses, accusations and screams emitted from Lisa's mouth to the Darker. His attention was drawn to her, and he began to smile as he feeds on by her bad feelings. Nirra quickly came and tried to take her home, Lisa objected, but then listened to her. Their building was blocked, so they tried to enter from the second building. as they passing the connection bridge, Flamecrawler hovered in front of it and looked for them, he noticed them immediately.


In a Second, Flamecrawler broke through the bridge, grabbed Lisa and broke into a near building. Lisa scratched him in the face, but he did not care. He came out of the building and continued to laugh to challenge her Guardian. Nirra was just about to start chasing him, and fortunately, the Police Guard Commander Eirei Darkwing, was nearby and decided to assist her with Noire Starwing and Scarg Natureroots. With four chasers, and a victim that actually fights back, Flamecrawler began to enjoy the chase.

It took some time for Lisa to get used to the speed, but then she tried to use air manipulation in order to ward off Flamecrawler's arm strongly. He left her, tried to grab her again and failed. Instead of catching her, his claws scratched her head, tearing her left eyelid and cut through the eye itself. Lisa fell from the darker's clutches and was saved by Eirei, who caught her in the air. Noire and Scarg distanced Flamecrawler away.

They hurried to take her to the medical room in order to heal her wounds. The healers were able to close the incisions in her eyelid and heal the eye itself (as they could), But they could not get rid of the scars. They proposed lisa to wear an eyepatch, but she refused, as she didn't want to hide her wounds. for her, they show that she was able to face a darker in this age.

In the recovery room, while she rested, Lisa thought about Blazing Eye. He marked her when he scratched her left eye, and she will has to pay back by pulling out his fire eye.

Relationships Edit

Olivher Spikeback Edit

Lisa always knew that he knew anything about her mother and did not tell her. She was angry at him, but she could not hate him, he was the only family she had.

Selina Spikeback

Lisa never knew her mother, and that bothered her all the time. The young dragoness wanted to know why she disappeared. The answers were in her father, but they disappeared together with him in 1573.

When Lisa accidentally hypnotized Nirra, she discovered the truth about her mother.

Nirra Greenwing

After Olivher disappeared, Nirra arrived as Rosmeri Greenclow, a legal guardian that Olivher appointed to Lisa before Bloody Dawn. Lisa knew that she knew what happened to her father. Lisa didn't want to left alone without answers again, and she hated her for it.

After she learned the truth, she forgave Nirra and tried to restore their relationship. Although there is no family relationship between them, Lisa considered Nirra as a real part of her family.

Flamecrawler/Blazing Eye

Lisa blamed him of everything that happened to her. In 1578 she confronted him and got scratched in her left eye.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • *Her hypnosis is between "Starter" and "intermediate", she does not have control over it, but it's still pretty strong.

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