Lycia Coalclaw
Full name Lycia Coalclaw
Age Adult
Status Alive
Gender Female
Species Western dragon
Type Fire dragon
Element(s) Blue fire, fire
Skill level Guardian
Family Riskel Coalclaw (brother)
Civil status 1st class civilian
Occupation Guardian
Created by DragonOfIceAndFire
Belongs to DragonOfIceAndFire
Comics Pranksters

Main Comic

Lycia is the Guardian of Fire and Blue Fire.

Personality & Character Edit

Unlike most of the people around her, she is kind to anyone who deserve it, even if they are of a 'lower class'. Sometimes sarcastic. Not as hotheaded as other fire dragons tend to be.

Skills & abilities Edit

Everything from regular fire breath to fire fury. Skill level is equal for both elements.

Super Fire bombsEdit

Lycia can combine her blue fire balls with her normal fire balls to create explosive bombs of fire far hotter and more destructive than they would be on their own. They also tend to take a magenta/violet color at times given the colors mixing together.

Super Fire IgnitionEdit

She can ignite her blue fire and normal fire at the same time. At the peak of her anger she ignites her entire body with blue fire and normal fire burning at the same time. Thankfully no one has ever angered her to such a state given it arguably is one of the deadliest fire ignitions ever seen.

Spiral Rocket DashEdit

She ignites both her fire and blue fire and spin dashes at an opponent.

Blaze Bullet and Blaze Shot GunEdit

She can fire a claw size normal fire bullet infused with blue fire at an opponent that can burn right though someone or cause a small scale fire bomb explosion. Blaze Shot Gun is when she fires several of them at one at close to mid range in the form of  breath.

Spiral Fusion BombEdit

She can create a charged fire bomb made from both of her elements and send it at an opponent in the form of a spinning rocket.

Final Fire FuryEdit

She covers her body in both her elements, summons a bubble and blasts out what can be described as a raining inferno. Her combined fury can turn even the mightiest darker into ashes and leave entire landscapes barren scorched wastelands.

Flame shieldEdit

She can create a barrier of fire and blue fire around herself to ward off attacks but it is ineffective against water and wind branch elements however.

Pyro twister Dive bombEdit

She ignites her wings with fire and blue fire and flies over her opponent while surrounded by her fire bombs bathing them in waves of fire and blue fire while simultaneously bombarding them with super fire bombs.

Fire,blue fire breath, and carpet cannonEdit

She has utter control over her elemental breath though she prefers blue fire due to its superior power and can use it in a variety of ways such as creating walls of flame or as explosive fire balls. She can use an even more powerful version of her blaze shot gun when pressed to. Instead of blaze bullets she shoots out several super fire bombs at once capable of killing multiple foes at once.

Weaknesses Edit

She's not very fond of water or ice.

Backstory Edit


Relationships Edit

Riskel Coalclaw Edit

Her messed up brother. She avoids him.

Doucheicus Blackclaw Edit

Avoids if possible. Reasons clear enough.

Pyreus Blackclaw Edit

Her apprentice. She doesn't really like his attitude, but is patient enough with him.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

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