Mercura Copperheart
Full name Mercura Copperheart
Age Teen
Status Alive
Gender Female
Species Western dragon
Type Earth dragon
Element(s) Metal
Skill level Average
Family Titan Ironhorn (father)
Terraria Soilwing (mother)
Kadir Copperheart (brother)
Civil status 2nd class civilian
Occupation None
Created by Constelia
Belongs to Constelia

Personality & Character Edit

Mercura is very serious for her age. Growing up in an orphanage, she had to mature fast. She often feels that it is her duty to look out for her and her brother, Kadir. Surprisingly, she does not resent her parents for leaving them in the orphanage, in fact, she would love to meet her biological parents one day.

Skills & abilities Edit

She is able to manipulate metal with ease. Her favourite metal to work with though is mercury.

Weaknesses Edit

She is weak to fire and electric attacks.

Backstory Edit

When her mother, Terraria, was just an apprentice, she had spent a lot of time with the metal apprentice, Titan. The two had spent so much time together that they began to fall in love with each other. They kept their interest for each other a secret from everyone else, besides each other, in fear of what others would think. As time progressed, their relationship became more intimate, and one day (when they were both just becoming adults) Terraria became pregnant. She kept this secret from everyone, excluding Titan and a few others, as she did not want to tarnish her family's name. When she finally had the eggs, while it broke her heart to, she immediately delivered them to the orphanage. She left a tail ring and a necklace with the two eggs, as she hoped to recognize the children by them someday. She also sends them money every month.

Kadir and Mercura were lucky in the sense that they were adopted by a nice, 2nd class dragon couple.

Relationships Edit

Kadir Copperheart Edit

While she may get annoyed by her brother sometimes, these two are as thick as thieves. If they ever get in trouble, they always have the other's back.

Terraria Soilwing Edit

She holds no resentment towards Terraria and would love to meet her someday, if only she knew that Terraria was her mom.

Titan Ironhorn Edit

She holds no resentment towards Titan and would love to meet him someday, if only she knew that Titan was her dad.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • Her necklace was a gift from her mother that she has had since hatching. She always wears it.

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