Morden Stripescale
Full name Morden Stripescale
Age Teen
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Western dragon
Type Fire/Air dragon
Element(s) Hypnosis
Skill level Master
Family Reks Stripescale (father, deceased)
Unnamed mother (unknown)
unnamed caretaker (adoptive-parent, alive)
Civil status 1st class civilian
Occupation Guardian apprentice
Created by DragonOfIceAndFire
Redesign by Dragonsia-san
Belongs to Dragonsia-san
Comics Sp: Foolish Heart

Morden Stripescale is the Hypnosis guardian apprentice.

Personality & Character Edit

Morden is quite silent and intelligent. Others avoid him because they're afraid he'll 'hypnotize them'. Occasionally, he'll hypnotize feral animals outside the city so he has someone to play with, but most of the time he just reads books of any kind to keep him occupied, he loves reading.

Morden takes his guardian duties seriously, he loves hearing stories from other guardians about the earlier purpose of a Guardian; to protect eggs and the dragon race itself. Morden wished that it would've still been like those days now. He looks really grim, but really he's just a lonely kid wanting some friends. Although he is used to it.

Skills & abilities Edit

Morden has mastered his skills to his level.

Weaknesses Edit

Because he's quite lonely, he has the temptation of hypnotizing others to make friends. He never attempted to do so.

Backstory Edit

He was born as the only one surviving a clutch of two. His father, Reks, had little interest in raising him, so instead he hired nannies to take care of him, Morden never knew his father so he never experienced a father-son bond. He occasionally saw his father around.

After Morden started his training as the hypnosis apprentice, he began to view his tutor, the hypnosis guardian, as his parent. He would gladly attend his training.

Soon after his father died, Reks' friend became his legal guardian. That guy turned into a alcoholic after loosing his mate in the Bloody Dawn, being left wih his eldest son. The alcoholic doesn't care about Morden nor his own son so usually nannies take care of him, but most of the time the alcoholic's son, Haru, spends time with Morden whenever he can. Somewhat of a friend.

He eventually started to read books, as he read a book after another he loved reading. Action, comedy, horror, quizzes and many more.

Warfang Break-in Edit


This section will be updated later.

Relationships Edit

Reks Stripescale Edit

Morden never knew his father, he sometimes wonders what his father was like when he was alive.

Unnamed caretaker Edit


Basilisk Hypnoeye Edit

Morden views his master as a parent, a father he never had. Occasionally after training both of them would talk to each other about anything.

Galios Herbascale Edit

Morden loves all his stories that he told, he gladly listens and enjoys them.

Oria Cyantrogen Edit

One day Oria approached Morden, this shocked him that someone approached him to talk. But Oria likes unique things, so she didn't think of Morden as 'creepy'. Once in a while those two talk whenever they see each other. She is the only apprentice that knows of his crush.

Seva Silvermane Edit

Morden thinks highly of Seva due to her kind nature and the help she offers to 3rd class civilians.

Florence Petaltail Edit

Since he began his training Morden developed a crush on her, he thinks she is very beautiful, kind and truly connected to her element. He knows that she will never like him back but he hopes to at least one day become her friend.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • Morden hasn't got any personal relationships with other apprentices except Oria because they all avoid him or some don't know that he exists... at least they tell themselves that;
  • He loves to sit under a tree to read or just to take a small nap after training;
  • He wears a cape when he goes outside;
  • Morden occasionally travels to the 3rd class district to help some children in need;
  • His favorite genres of books are mystery, action and adventure. He also loves solving quizzes and Sudoku's.

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