Mrak Longwing
Full name Mrak Longwing
Age Young adult
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Western dragon
Type Air dragon
Element(s) Wind
Skill level Master
Family Akino Silverblade (cousin)
Civil status Unclear
Occupation Unclear
Created by RusCSI
Belongs to RusCSI

Personality & Character

Grumpy, silent, doesn't talk much. His face seems to be frozen with constant "I'm so done with all of you". He's easily annoyed, especially by anything that has to do with his build/size.

He has a habit of propping himself up on his wings to seem higher as he's a bit smaller than an average Longwing.

Skills & abilities

Out of typical master level skills, he likes to make creatures choke. For a reason, of course. Should they laugh at him for his chubby look, he would suck the air out of their lungs and watch how they choke, trying to grasp for air. Or, he would force them down, to "kneel", if not lay down, "bowing"; in some cases he would even come let his wing blade graze over their neck, showing how much power he has despite his build.


He's weak physically and clumsy on the ground due to short legs.


During the moving to Warfang, he lost both his parents. The tribe attempted to raise him, but he spent more time on the streets, where he would fight to practice his skills.

Eventually he fled to work for himself.

Occasionally, though, he would bring some money for tribe members to ensure they don't die from starvation in case if things are bad.


Orhasso Blueribbon

Orhasso is one of a few dragons Mrak is comfortable around. He just likes to talk with him.

From side, it looks like a twisted father-son relationship.



  • His name means 'Gloom' (in Russian);
  • His occupation is unclear, since he takes different jobs, mostly focusing on express delivery of items or beating/"teaching" someone;
  • While he is Akino's cousin, neither of them know about this;
  • It's rumoured he could have killed some creatures in the 3rd district.

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