My First Flower
Main info
Full title My First Flower
Type Comic
Style Digital
Status Finished
Pages 23
Created by
Author Nikary
Places to read
Deviantart Link to 1st page

My First Flower is a flashback comic by Nikary about Shipovnik Berrytail's character, explaining his habit of expressing emotions through his element.

Plot Edit

The Berrytail siblings come to Warfang Park for gardening work. Raspberry becomes sad upon looking at the decorative rose bushes, from which Shipovnik deduces she's going to leave again soon, and withers the rose bush next to him. As the siblings begin to repair the damage, Shipovnik recalls the origin of his habit, and concludes that he likes it.

Main characters Edit

  • Shipovnik Berrytail
  • Raspberry Berrytail

Character cameos Edit

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