This is an elemental research about Nature elements, a guideline.
It includes Nature, Dark Nature.
All the mentioned abilities are the basics, and by no means are the only possible abilities of these elements.
It's only used to show the differences in elemental levels.

Description Edit

Nature dragons have the power to grow and control plants, the attacks for nature dragons mostly rely on imagination and skill and will vary from dragon to dragon.

There are 2 nature elements - nature (normal) and dark nature.

1. Nature Edit

It's an element from the light group, therefore only dragons can use it.

2. Dark nature Edit

Dark nature is for darkers only. It's only difference from (normal) nature is that all plants or/and attacks can poison as well.

Skill levels & abilities Edit

Starter level: The dragon can control small plants.

Intermediate level: Larger plants can now be controlled, such as the roots of trees and large vines, but only one at a time as it takes a lot of concentration.

The dragon can also fire a green ball of energy from its mouth, similar to a seed, which will cause plants to grow from wherever it has landed.

Average level: All the previously levels' skills but stronger and more stable.

Master level: The dragon can control even larger plants, such as trees and even bigger types of vines, and more at a time.

The energy seed can split into three balls and the range is increased, the types of plants increase in size. The dragon can also fire a large concentrated energy seed, which will explode when it makes contact with the ground and fire smaller seeds, which will grow more plants.

The dragon also gains a new ability, it can make plants grow by touching the ground and concentrating its energy, this can only be done on soil however.

Nature Fury: Large thick roots and vines emerge from the ground covered in thorns. They will writhe around and destroy things that are in their way and will grab enemies, wrap around them and slowly suffocate and crush them.

Guardian level: There is no limit to what plant the dragon can control and how many at a time.

The energy seeds increase in size and can now split into four. When concentrated into one large ball it will explode and release a huge shockwave, knocking enemies that surround the dragon down.

The growing of plants "out of nowhere" can be done on any surface, even rocks; the plants will appear out of thin air, but will disappear after some time.

Notes Edit

  • If a dragon uses its seed attack on anything that isn’t soil, the plant will die and fade away soon after use.

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