Nebel Cloudbreeze
Full name Nebel Cloudbreeze
Age Teen
Status Alive
Gender Female
Species Western dragon
Type Air/water dragon
Element(s) Mist
Skill level Master
Family Valthir Cloudbreeze (father)
Tirrana Mistwalker (mother)
Civil status 1st class civilian
Occupation Guardian apprentice
Created by ShadowOfDarkAndLite
Belongs to ShadowOfDarkAndLite

Nebel Cloudbreeze is the Mist Guardian apprentice.

Personality & Character Edit

Nebel has an attitude: she is loyal to her friends and will protect them. She is nothing like her teacher in how she acts, she's not a fan of war, but would fight if it's meant to protect what she cares about. Nebel fears many things, mainly Darkers who would harm those she cares for, and others as well. She hates Dorkus however, and would fight him if she was powerful enough, as for her skills and element isn't strong enough to fight him.

Skills & abilities Edit

Her element is mist; she can create thick clouds of mist like fog to confuse enemies of any types, she can also create water with her element and also create freezing snow or ice, though it isn't very big, she can do this due to her ancestor being an ice dragon, though it's about her great-grandfather that was the ice dragon. She can create an ice like armor on her body to protect herself if needed, by surrounding herself in mist that collects on her body, then freezing it, she can manipulate the mist to create spikes on her body as well.

Backstory Edit

Nebel didn't always have an attitude, she use to be kind and caring and not have her curly hair cover her eye's, she became this way when she was bullied by Dorkus multiple times, when he said that she was weak due to her element, due to this she became tougher in order to show that she wasn't weak and to let Dorkus know she meant business and wasn't going to let him bother her. 

Nebel's parents are first class citizens of Warfang, but are kind to other creatures who might be poorer than her, they try not to show it as much as they do, but they sometimes secretly donate money to poorer families who need the money. Due to this, most of the city respects her family for their kind donations, except for Dorkus and his father Doucheicus, as well as a few others,  who sees them for being weak because they do this.

When she was younger, her parents decided that her unique ability can allow her to become a great guardian.

Relationships Edit

Dorkus Blackclaw Edit

She was bullied by him in the past; hates him.

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