Basic data Edit

  1. FULL NAME - full name of your character. Darkers do not have surnames. Dragons have first names usually in relation to their element, and surnames are inherited from parents and may not be accurate to the character. (Silverscale, Blackclaw, etc.
  2. AGE - your character's age and birthyear. Refer to the official timeline for appropriate years.

The age is divided as:

- 0-3 years - Hatchling - 3,4-10 years - Child - 11/12-17/18 years - Teen - 18/19-25 years - Young adult - 26-55 years - Adult - 55+ years - Elder 

  1. STATUS - alive, deceased, petrified, missing in action, unknown.
  2. GENDER - male or female.
  3. SPECIES - your character's species (western dragon, darker, wyvern, etc).
  4. TYPE - elemental type (for western dragons) (i.e. fire dragon; if a character is a mix (i.e. parents - ice and fire dragons), list as ice/fire dragon mix), darker type (normal, parasite).
  5. ELEMENTS - for western dragons and darkers only.
  6. SKILL LEVEL - for western dragons and darkers only. Skills levels are: Starter, Intermediate, Master, Guardian; refer to >>>SKILL LEVELS<<< for more details.
  7. FAMILY - your character's close family. (No need to list cousins and stuff) It lists all blood relations, even if the characters do not live together in peace, divorced and do not know of each others existence. Yet family isn't bound by blood only, so you can list adopted kids, etc too.
  8. CIVIL STATUS - if your character is a citizen of Warfang city, they live in either 1st, 2nd or 3rd class district. Darkers and survivors outside Warfang are not citizens of Warfang.
  9. OCCUPATION - for citizens only. Your character's job, occupation, past and present (they may work, study in school, etc).

Sections Edit

  1. PERSONALITY & CHARACTER - describe your character's personality, specific traits.
  2. SKILLS & ABILITIES - describe your character's skills and abilities, elemental, physical, other.
  3. WEAKNESSES - your character's weaknesses (weak to a certain element, etc).
  4. BACKSTORY - your character's backstory (if any).
  5. RELATIONSHIPS - if your character is connected to any other character, write the character's name and describe the relationship.
  6. ADDITIONAL NOTES - any other information you would like to add.

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