Full name Octopandra
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Dark dragon
Type Normal
Element(s) Dark water, mist
Skill level Guardian
Civil status Not a citizen of Warfang
Dark army status Alpha
Intelligence High
Can speak? Yes
Created by Darkanioid1997
Belongs to Darkanioid1997
Comics Old Scars

Usually Water-type Darkers are very limited in the ground, however, Octopandra Is one of the few who does operate in both places.

Personality & Character Edit

Octopandra always tries to hide his weaknesses and expose the weaknesses of others. He doesn't want to let the ground limit him, and always tries to show his opponents that they are not safe, not in the ground nor in the water.

He's very territorial when it comes to the seas, and would kill any trespasser who would roam his territories. He loves the sight of ships wrecks, as it reminds him of how incapable his enemies are to role the sea.

Skills & abilities Edit

Body build Edit

Octopadra has the rare ability to move freely and fight in both water and ground, and with his body structure, he can adapt himself to each place.

In the water: he can use his tentacles and swims like an octopus/kraken, he is very fast in this situation. Also, his dark water abilities makes it almost impossible to defeat him in the water, a Water Guardian has a reasonable chance to survive in this battle and even win (miraculously).

On the ground: He can use his dragon legs to walk and can reach an impressive speed in relation to a water type. He can also climb over some small obstacles with the support of his tentacles. However, he is physically more vulnerable in this situation.

Breath Attacks Edit

Breath attacks of water and mist.

He can unleash streams of water, and can stop the enemy or move it (he prefers to use it as it does more damage to the enemy); due to his Guardian level, streams of water can change into steam or ice.

Deadly Fog Edit

As fog/mist consists of water, it can only make sense if he can turn the water from it into ice shards. Basically, he lets out a cloud of fog, waits until the enemy is in it, and then crystallizes the water. A lot of tiny needles everywhere. For armoured characters, it may not be deadly as these needles can't pierce the armour plates, nor damage hard scales, yet the rest... oh yes. Or, he can also turn the mist into steam. Steam is very hot, and burns.

Extra Teeth Edit

He can pull out a second set of teeth to cause more damage to an opponent.

Mist Emission Edit

He can cover the area with mist, and his high skill level allows him to "secrete" it from his scales.

Structure Changes Edit

He can change the structure of water, turning it to solid (ice), vaporizing (steam) and all way back.

He can take advantage of Ice Dragons by changing the structure of their ice and turn it into water that he can control.

However, he can not control ice or steam, only change its structure.

Tentacle Spikes Edit

He can pull out spikes from his tentacles, small spikes that can be used to give him support in holding things or a big spike that can be used to stab.

Water Manipulation Edit

He can control the water in his favour: he can create tsunamis, whirlpools and waves.

He may use manipulation to increase his speed or his pack's in the water, and slow the enemy.

He also can use it to bounce himself out of the water, high enough to catch a flying enemy.

Weaknesses Edit

Except light, he is vulnerable to physical damage when he is on the ground. Elemental fire may harm him as well.

He also can not fly, air is the only area that he will never be able to reach to. High mountains would also give him some troubles.

Backstory Edit

Octopandra's origins are unknown, he just appeared one day and began to sink ships. After some days he disrupted the whole maritime trading. He became a demon in the eyes of the sailors, horror songs and stories were written about him and the way he sank ships, they gave him the name "Creep of the Deeps". He even managed to sink all the ships of the Warfang Navy (with water manipulations) and kill some of the wingless marines. It did not take him too long to sever all Warfang's ties to the sea outside of the walls. Thanks to his deadly skills, he climbed his way to an Alpha position.

After a while, he realized that he had no possibility to be beneficial in the water, because Warfang has no access to the sea anymore. He did not want to sit dawn and do nothing, so he decided to try and get out of the water. At first he could hardly walk, but with his unique body build, he was able to learn to walk after a few days. Over the time he learned to climb mountains and run. His ground abilities helped him a lot during "Bloody Dawn", as he, like the rest of the alphas, raised terror in the battlefield.

During the Warfang break-in, he went through a drainage system that breached from the inside in order to give some cover to the other three alphas from underground. When the darkers retreated, he came out the same way he came in.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • Except roars, he also tends to make whale sounds;
  • His whale hole can sometimes emit water by a natural instinct;
  • He can change his voice, from low and deep to high and distorted;
  • He often uses other water darkers to assist him in battles.