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Welcome to the Pure Light Wiki

A Pure Light comic info wiki for all fans that are willing to increase their knowledge of Validor's world. The comic and universe has recently moved ownership from Xannador to DragonOfIceAndFire, and then to RusCSI.

You can read the Pure Light comic HERE.

Ask Pure Light characters or authors!


  • Xannador's blog - the blog of the original creator of PL (most likely won't reply to any of PL questions anymore, but does great Pokemon arts);
  • Dragon-Of-Ice-And-Fire's blog - one of great contributors to PL (most likely won't reply to any of PL questions anymore as well);
  • RusCSI's PL blog - current "owner" of PL. For PL questions, go here.

For asking a question, send an ask (click 'ask me' or a similar button).

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Regarding fan characters

If you have created a fan-character for the Pure Light universe, contact both RusCSI to have your character accepted and added to the wikia.


While you can create pretty much any fan-character (darker, citizen, royal guard, etc), we WILL NOT add them to the wiki if they're not approved as CANON by RusCSI.

Characters that may be considered canon (therefore added to the wiki):

  • Darkers (normal and parasite types, almost always)
  • Military/Civil police/etc
  • Citizens

However, it doesn't mean that you CANNOT create some fan-characters, no. You can. It's just that they will be considered "fan", not canon and not added to the wiki.