Race to safety
Main info
Full title Race to safety
Type Comic
Style Digital
Status Cancelled
Pages 6
Created by
Author Thejadephoenix1
Places to read
Deviantart Link to 1st page

Race to safety was a comic by Thejadephoenix1 about a dragon named Ara trying to flee to Warfang.

Plot Edit

Ara, a young dragon, is warned by her mother not "to let the hatred of darkness and the want to kill sway your heart [l]est you become a monster yourself". Years later, a younger Ara is attempting to make her way to Warfang, when she is attacked by dark dragons and saved by a satyr.

Main characters Edit

  • Ara

Character cameos Edit

Notes Edit

  • Although the comic was canceled before it could be included, and thus it is not included in the plot summary, the intended plot of the rest of the comic can be found here.

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