Ragan Crimsonfire
Full name Ragan Crimsonfire
Age Young adult
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Half-darker
Type Dragon halfer
Element(s) Blue fire, night fire
Skill level Guardian
Family Reina Crimsonfire (mother, deceased)
Zadimus (father)
Kaige (half-sister)
Savanth (half-brother)
Sawbora (half-sister)
Droolepad (half-brother)
Civil status Freedom Flyer
Team Beta
Team rank 2nd in command
Created by DragonOfIceAndFire
Belongs to DragonOfIceAndFire
Comics Old Scars
Sp: Picking a fight with gods
Sp: Scavenging Trip
The First Half-Darker

Ragan is the First Halfer spawned from an unfortunate encounter between a dragoness and a darker.

Appearance wise, he looks just like a dragon (aside from his slit pupils). He has some darker personality traits - primarily high aggression.

Personality & Character Edit

Highly aggressive. Ragan has known no one but his mother, and has been on his own for years since she died. Therefore, he doesn't know how to interact with non-darkers. His first course of action if he sees another dragon, is attacking (He won't know the difference between a Darker and a normal Dragon immediately).

Like a darker, he lacks compassion and sympathy - however this might just be a result of his lack of social interaction in his life.

Skills & abilities Edit

Though he's young, Ragan is powerful - as is needed to survive where danger lurks around every corner. His fire breath is a strong blue color, and scorching hot. He's able to manipulate his element in any way he wants to, whether it is spitting explosive fire bombs, performing a comet dash (setting himself ablaze and ramming into enemies) or performing a deadly fury.

He is also a skilled flyer - when he is sometimes faced with an enemy that is far too strong to take out on the ground, he needs to be able to outfly them. He's fast and agile, able to navigate through dense areas like thick forests and murky swamps.

Backstory Edit

Even if Ragan was the result of a truly bad experience, his mother cared for him - after all, he was part of her. Knowing what his fate would be if someone found out, she escaped to the Grotto where she'd live and raise him alone. Several years later, she was found by Darkers and this time, killed. In a fit of deep rage and sorrow, Ragan killed the darkers. From that point on he was alone - still living outside Warfang.

After his encounter with his father, which also resulted in his father's death and his home destroyed, he was rather unhappy about surviving, asking his mother and the ancestors why they couldn't let him die. It ended with their blessing of countless red crystals growing around him, and he agreed to keep living. He soon travelled out into the world. During his journey, Ragan encountered a group of darkers, which also resulted in a battle with Spyro. Which resulted in him getting blasted to an inch of his life and later being found by the Freedom Flyers and being brought to Warfang. There, he began his road to both mental and physical recovery, and slowly but surely started adjusting to society. There he also met Nova, who gave him back his will to live. Together they became Freedom Flyers.

He now spends his time sharpening up his skill and strength by challenging and killing other Darkers with his comrades, fueled by hatred and a duty to protect Warfang. He also hates the purple dragons that lead the darkers, and his training's purpose is to one day challenge them, even if that is a far-fetched dream.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

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