Full name RahKrok
Also known as Bull
Status Alive (?)
Gender Male
Species Darker
Type Normal
Element(s) Earthquake
Skill level Intermediate
Family Crill (Brother??)
Dark army status Soldier
Intelligence Low
Can speak? No
Created by LastKrystalDragon
Belongs to LastKrystalDragon
He should be rather called Blind Bull. Imagine 5-meters long mix of cricket and bull attacking a helicopter. Now take a look at this dude.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Just like his brother Rah is a pretty nervous and energetic darker. 

He acts like an animal and is naive, making him easily manipulated by his brother. 

He doesn't really care about giving pain to his victims, but he prefers to eat them alive. 

Because he is blind, he doesn't know what he is attacking, so often he bumps into other darkers. 

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

His body is covered with natural armour, which is a nightmare for enemies to puncture through.

RahKrok practices a bull-style of fighting, him aiming at his opponent(s) and then literally jumping on and crushing them under his massive weight 


Not so talented Rah can actually only create a small earthquake while running. 

Pretty useless ability in a world where most of creatures can fly.

Seismic senseEdit

RahKrok can detect vibrations in the ground to perceive objects and creatures, acting as sonar, but through earth.

This ability makes him dangerous even with his blindness, because he can feel more than normal creature would see


  • Water-based elements. Mud attacks are his personal nightmare. 
  • Poison.
  • Can't fly.
  • His blindness


Rah was a second spawn of another nameless female darker. Also a Crill's brother. Their mother could't eat any of them, in Rah's case, because from beginning he was energic jumper and even later, when if he got caught- His exoskeleton has harden up.

As a child he had pretty yellow eyes, later his own growing horns carved them out. 

It's unknown how he grew up, probably time-by-time he needed to molt and has waited in safe place for his armor to harden enough.

Later he had joined a little group of darkers and invaded a village in the forest. [...]

He also appeared in Break-In but it's unknown if he left the city alive or stayed and died... or entered deeper into Warfang teritory. 



Rah treats him as his leader. Would  literally do any his command.[TBA]


Knows him since forest invasion but keeps neutral feelings toward him.


Notes Edit

  • He has pretty unique front teeth that resembles mammal's. Weird, deformed and way too long, he can't basically shut his snout.

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