Reina is the mother of the first-half Darker, Ragan.

Reina Crimsonfire
Full name Reina Crimsonfire
Age Adult (at death)
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Species Western dragon
Type Fire dragon
Element(s) Fire
Skill level Master
Family Ragan (son)
Civil status Not a citizen of Warfang
Created by DragonOfIceAndFire
Belongs to DragonOfIceAndFire
Comics The First Half-Darker

Personality & Character Edit

She was very loving towards her child. She always protected him with her life. She taught him how to survive, how to fight, how to use his element.

Skills & Abilities Edit

Fire related abilities, fury included.

She was able to conjure different sorts of magic. For instance, she strengthened the spell on the part of the temple she and Ragan resided in. The spell kept them from being heard, scented or noticed in any way from the outside. She also 'planted' a spirit gem in the cave, which regenerates after a short while after use. Through magic, she also sped up the growth of the plant in the cave (but not as fast as i.e. a nature dragon could make it grow), and she was able to make dummies and targets appear for fighting practice.

Weaknesses Edit

Because she always gave Ragan most of the food, she was skinny and physically weak.

Backstory Edit

Reina was part of a tribe that traveled to seek shelter in Warfang in the very start of the third war. Their home had been destroyed and half the tribe killed. They were getting close to their destination, but the Darkers eventually caught up with them. A 'pack' of Darkers, led by the beta, Zadimus, attacked. Zadimus enjoys toying with his victims. He feeds off of negative emotions. Reina was his victim. He bit her, clawed at her and raped her. Torturing her both mentally and physically. When he was done with her, he was about to kill her but she was saved by another member of the tribe. By the time Zadimus had killed him, Reina had escaped and made it to Warfang.

A few weeks after, she was told she had become pregnant. She was conflicted. The child would be the result of a horrible experience, but yet... It was still hers. And she had been wanting to have children. She loved the child already, disregarding it's origins.

She was horrified to hear that when the egg was laid, it would have to be destroyed. The Royal Guard meant the child would be a danger and they couldn't allow it to live. So when she finally laid it, she made the dangerous decision to flee from Warfang. She grabbed multiple bags and filled them with what she needed, took the egg and escaped. There was no forcefield around Warfang at this time, so escaping was relatively easy.

However, she didn't know where to go. There had to be some place safe... Through hardships and fights, she eventually reached the swamp and found the remains of the old temple. The magic that protected it was still present. The door opened.

Relationships Edit

Ragan Edit

Her son, whom she gave her life for.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

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