Rhazier Blackthorn
Full name Rhazier Blackthorn
Age Adult
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Western dragon
Type Earth dragon
Element(s) Earth, crystal
Skill level Guardian
Family Blazer Swiftwing (brother, deceased)
Burner Phoenixwing (nephew)
Roaster Phoenixwing (nephew)
Sneaker Phoenixwing (nephew)
Stormer Phoenixwing (nephew)
Civil status 1st class civilian
Occupation Royal guard
Royal Guard rank Commander
Created by DragonOfIceAndFire
Belongs to DragonOfIceAndFire
Comics Main comic
Bloody Dawn
Sanguinem Connexa

Rhazier Blackthorn is a commander in the Royal Guard.

Personality & Character Edit

Rhazier is very silent, often he seems emotionless. He turns a blind eye (no pun intended) to the corrupt actions of the royal guard, which he otherwise wouldn't have approved of. Due to the loss of his brother and never-achieved love, he's rather depressed. He's alone most of the time, rarely seen in public.

Skills & abilities Edit

Rhazier can create razor-sharp, amethyst-like crystals that can slice through bodies like butter.

Crystal Rain Edit

If airborne or aiming up at the sky, Rhazier can launch thousands of big(roughly the length of his own head) needle-like crystals that will rain down on enemies and pierce their bodies. Damage sustained from this is not necessarily fatal, and can be avoided by flying out of range or counter-attacking it with an element like water or wind.

Crystal Growth Edit

Rhazier can create a swift growth of sharp crystals that can pierce a grounded enemy. These crystals are usually big enough to kill, but this ability is limited to the ground and requires the target to be still for it to successfully hit.

Crystal Breath Edit

Rhazier's crystal breath will solidify on contact - it is useful to render an opponent unable to fly or move in general.

Earth Breath Edit

This explosive, destructive earth breath can destroy almost anything solid, even steel. It can shatter rocks as if it was nothing, and turn bones into mush if at a close range.

Earth Bomb Edit

Rhazier can use his earth element in the form of a long-range bomb. Upon impact, it will work similarly as his earth breath.

Earth Fury Edit

Rhazier's earth fury is an explosive, pulsing quake that will pulverize anything around him like a natural disaster. ( Such as this )

Weaknesses Edit

Most of his attacks are at their best when he's on the ground. While airborne, he will perform slightly worse. He's neither a particularly good flyer.

He's blind on the left eye due to wounds he sustained during Bloody Dawn.

Backstory Edit

Orphaned at a young age, he and his brother, Blazer, grew up at an Orphanage in the 2nd class district of Warfang.

Relationships Edit

Blazer Edit

His brother, whom he fights a lot with.

Fox Phoenixwing Edit


Burner Phoenixwing Edit


Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • His eyecolor is purple. The blind eye will appear white-grey.

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