Full name Ripper
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Species Dark dragon
Type Normal
Element(s) Lava
Skill level Master
Civil status Not a citizen of Warfang
Dark army status Elite
Intelligence Average
Can speak? Yes
Created by DragonOfIceAndFire
Belongs to RusCSI (transfer)

Ripper is a black, large Wyvern-like Darker.

He is named after his killing preference of ripping his victims apart.

Personality & Character Edit

Silent. Ripper likes to challenge other darkers to fight when there is nothing else around to kill.

Skills & abilities Edit

Weaknesses Edit

Elemental Light.

Backstory Edit


Ripper's muzzle is thought to have been torn/burnt off in a fight.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • Ripper was killed by Maxim some years before Bloody Dawn.

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