Rykos Gemtail
Full name Rykos Gemtail
Age Teen (at death)
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Species Western dragon
Type Fire/earth dragon mix
Element(s) Crystal (green)
Skill level Intermediate
Family Airash Crystaltoe (sister)
Civil status 1st class civilian
Occupation Guardian apprentice
Created by RusCSI
Belongs to RusCSI
Comics The Final Lesson

Rykos Gemtail was a Crystal Guardian apprentice. He died during his training 1 year post-Bloody Dawn; his place was taken by Semias Blooddiamond.

Personality & Character

He was stubborn and a loner by nature. Rykos would crawl somewhere to heal his wounds from Xavier's "trainings", never tell anyone about the abuse, actually accepting it as necessary in order to get stronger.

Skills & Abilities

His crystals were similar to malachite due to its colour.

He could grow and manipulate crystals well, but that's all he could manage. He hoped to learn more from his master.


His stubborness caused him a lot of suffering, as he couldn't back off.


He hatched when his older sister was in her late teens. Usually younger children receive more attention from their parents, but in the case of Rykos it didn't work. He was being ignored by his parents from his hatching.

Rykos craved for love and attention, yet only his sister cared for him. He appreciated it at first, but he wanted to have his parents acknowledge him, not pretend that he didn't exist. Once Airash started showing him some crystal moves, he became jealous. She was special with her white crystals, parents cherished her, but limited her freedom. Sometimes he wished he'd exchange their places. He asked her if she could help him to get to the Guardians, to learn more about crystals and possibly end up as one of Guardian candidates. She did.

However, soon it turned out that his teacher wasn't willing to teach him. Xavier Blooddiamond pushed him beyond his limits, beating and yelling at him for "being weak". But he endured it as he wanted to become strong.

And in the end, it cost him his life.


Airash Crystaltoe

It's hard to describe a full palette of his feeings towards her, as he envied her for being lucky. Deep inside, perhaps, he loved her for being with him and raising him instead of living a ghost life.

Xavier Blooddiamond

He believed that all the abuse he received was a part of the training to make him stronger, so he really didn't mind it at all.



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