Full name Scolopendra
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Dark dragon
Type Normal
Element(s) Poison
Skill level Master
Family Seskel (son)
Sybil (daughter)
Mindtaker (son)
Civil status Not a citizen of Warfang
Dark army status Soldier
Intelligence Low
Can speak? Not much
Created by TheDeadlyMillipede
Belongs to RusCSI
Comics Elysia's Flight

Scolopendra is one of a few not-so-much-dragon-looking darkers. Creepy.

Personality & Character Edit

Scolopendra is a lot more aggressive than an ordinary Darker, small things will set him off and cause him to attack the nearest thing on sight. His intelligence is basic as he relies mostly in instinct, there is very little common sense in him. He prefers to spend his days in dark areas and skulk around in caves.

Scolopendra enjoys devouring his prey after killing, and will often ambush creatures in the dark of night. If there is prey nearby and he is inside an area like a cave or building, he will hide on the ceiling, attach his back legs firmly to the wall, reach down and then grab the unsuspecting prey. Then he will wrap his flexible body around the prey, tighten his legs and inject an incredibly potent venom through his mandibles.

Skills & abilities Edit

He relies heavily on stealth, silence, and darkness because he has very little technique when fighting and can be easily overwhelmed and defeated. He will fight in a similar way to how he hunts, attaching himself to walls and ceilings, waiting for the right moment to strike.

Venom Edit

He can crush bone with his mandibles, which are coated with a deadly venom. A single scratch from his jaws is enough to kill. He can also shoot venom from his mouth (similar to Cynder's poison attack in DOTD), but the range isn't very far and because of his weak vision he finds it hard to aim. As a last resort, his long tongue has a sharp poisoned tip that he can stab into an enemy with incredible speed. The tip of his tongue is filled with a strong paralysis venom, he prefers not to use this however because it can easily be cut off.

Weaknesses Edit

Besides Elemental Light, Scolopendra has very poor vision and has to rely greatly on sound, touch and smell. He also has very little battle strategy and can be easily overwhelmed, when this happens he will protect himself by curling a ball, similar to a millipede. His belly is also soft and can be cut through easily. While his sight might be his downfall, his hearing and touch senses are heightened incredibly.

Backstory Edit

As a young Darker, Scolopendra didn't have to worry about being killed by the other Darkers because of the tough armor protecting his back. He is known for being even more aggressive than most Darkers, which would lead to him snapping easily and killing all in sight. Because of his attitude, other Darkers prefer to stay away from him.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • He can taste with his antennas.
  • He walks like a centipede, his neck and head are kept onto the ground and his body moves in a curving motion, which allows him to feel with his antenna easily and keep his vulnerable underbelly safe.