Scorian Magmaback
Full name Scorian Magmaback
Age Adult
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Western dragon
Type Fire dragon
Element(s) Lava
Skill level Guardian
Civil status 1st class civilian
Occupation Guardian
Created by Constelia
Belongs to Constelia

Personality & Character Edit

Scorian is a strongly silent dragon. He does not speak unless he deems it necessary. He hates those who see themselves as better than others and will often argue (and sometimes fight) with them. He used to be soldier in the army, however he took the role of guardian because he saw no more use in the army. He sometimes suffers from PTSD.

Skills & abilities Edit

He has mastered all the abilities of lava.

Weaknesses Edit

His PTSD affects his fighting.

Backstory Edit

Scorian grew up in a family that was strongly military. Thusly, he followed in his parent's footsteps and became a soldier as well. He was one of the best, however when he lost a whole team of soldiers to darkers (him being the sole survivor) he abruptly quit the army and now suffers from PTSD. He accepted an invitation to become the new lava guardian, as the job had much less risk of losing anyone close to him. While he misses being involved in the good fight, he is thankful that he no longer loses close friends almost everyday.

Relationships Edit

Grail Lavaspear Edit

He's one of the only dragons who can really tolerate Grail. While he does want to push him a bit harder in training, he often steps off a bit after stories of a previous crystal apprentice dying in training.

Terraria Soilwing Edit

She often tries to help him deal with his PTSD.

Xavier Blooddiamond Edit

After hearing stories of how Xavier killed his previous apprentice, he hates his guts.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

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