Seva Silvermane
Full name Seva Silvermane
Age Late teens
Status Alive
Gender Female
Species Western dragon
Type Water/Earth dragon
Element(s) Healing
Skill level Master
Family None
Civil status 1st class civilian
Occupation Guardian's apprentice
Created by DragonOfIceAndFire
Belongs to DragonOfIceAndFire

Seva is a dragon of a very recent element - healing. Because of this, and because there is so few, she is considered to be very important. She could be the difference between winning or losing a battle. Not only that, she's white. White dragons, due to their similarity to Light Dragons, are borderline worshiped.

Personality & Character Edit

Very calm. She's never seen angry. Always wants to help people, with little regard to her own safety.

Skills & abilities Edit

This white dragon has been blind all her short life, but it actually works to her advantage. Her other senses have developed to be 10 times as strong as normal, and by listening, smelling and feeling vibrations, she is able to make a mental 'map' of her surroundings and navigate perfectly. However this is not as easy while airborne, so she rarely flies. She'll always need an escort for that.

Healing touch Edit

Heals internal damage. This usually takes about 2-5 minutes to do.

Healing breath Edit

Heals external damage. Time needed to fully heal a wound depends on how severe the wound is.

Healing pulse Edit

Heals any allies within 50 m. (This is a 'fury' sort of. She hasn't perfected it and she can't use it often.)

Serene aura Edit

Temporarily stops an attacker from harming her by 'calming violent thoughts'. In the case of darkers, this ability can confuse them and still prevent them from attacking - however it's more likely to fail the more intelligent a darker is. This ability is triggered when she feels threatened/scared.

Weaknesses Edit

She is blind. She can't 'map' her surroundings properly while running, so escaping a dangerous situation is difficult for her.

Backstory Edit

Her parents died long before she hatched. It is most likely they were killed by darkers. Because of the color of her egg, she was taken better care of than the other of the orphaned eggs. When she hatched, it was discovered that she was blind. They took good care of her due to her 'purity' (white dragons are considered pure), but she never developed any family relations to any of her caretakers. She doesn't like that she's treated well JUST because she's white.

She discovered her healing element at a young age when she found a wounded baby bird. She healed it with her new powers, and suddenly became much more important. Healing dragons are quite rare. She started wandering all around the city to help sick people with her powers. She would quite often go into the third class district to find people in need of help, because that's where the most needy are. At first, it was very dangerous. Criminals had hundreds of reasons to kidnap her, steal her guardian pendant or harm her. Luckily, no such event happened and the inhabitants of the third class came to learn she only wanted to help them.

Relationships Edit

Drace Edit

Drace is Seva's personal body guard, and helps her with all the daily jobs she has difficulty with.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

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