Information Edit

Full name Unknown
Also known as The old man
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Unknown
Civil status Unknown
Created by Xannador
Belongs to Xannador
Comics Main comic

The shopkeeper, also known as 'the old mystery man, is one of the most mysterious characters in the Pure Light universe.

This wizard like character is encountered by Vale and his friends multiple times at specific moments and places over the course of the Main Story.

He seems to be fond of old magic and artifacts, his shop is full of strange items. Nothing else known about him yet, just that he thinks people need more imagination.

Appearances in the Main Comic Edit

First appearance (chapter 2) Edit

When Vale, TJ, Burner and Electroy are walking in direction of the third class district, they encounter the mystery man for the first time. At that moment, his shop is being vandalised by two royal guards. They criticize the Shopkeeper for selling books containing 'fairy tales'.

When they leave, Vale and the others offer their help to put everything back into place. As they do, they talk about an old dragon fairy tale named Golden Era, which is discribed an old empire of Light Dragons and Sky Titans.

When the characters look around in the shop, they see many strange items, such as a tremor skull and a Sky Titan tooth, which is about 3 times as big as Vale. The old man thanks them for their help and gives them, as he calls it, "friendship reminders". Which constist of 4 bracelets for each main character; a red, yellow, white and purple one. Vale questions the shopkeeper why one of the bracelets is purple, feeling suspicious that the bracelets refer to their scale color, and Vale himself being a purple dragon, but the mystery man ignores him. The main characters and the shopkeeper leave the store, as they go outside the old man tells them that many don't believe in the truth behind fairy tales, such as Golden Era anymore. Because nobody can prove that it exists. He contradicts that no one could either prove that it did does not exist.

However, after that, the shopkeeper, and his store disappear. Vanished.

Second appearance (chapter 3) Edit

When Snowfly Starwing is separated from her mother, the Shopkeeper makes a brief appearance, pulling Snowfly away from the fire while saying "Careful, little girl. This is no time to be running around like that, now is it?". When Aurora Starwing finds her way to her daughter, the Shopkeeper disappears before she can see him.

Third appearance (chapter 4) Edit


The 'Friendship Reminders' Edit

4 bracelets given to each main character; Vale, TJ, Electroy and Burner. They seem to have some unknown meaning or function that is yet to be revealed. They appear and dissapear at specific moments.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • He's not a dragon. He has no wings.
  • The Shopkeeper was supposed to appear in every Pure Light side comic, however, due to a lack of time, he was written out.
  • The Shopkeeper is based on 'the Plumber' from the videogame ratchet and clank.

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