Silvestra Ironwing
Full name Silvestra Ironwing
Also known as Mad witch
Age Adult (at death)
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Species Western dragon
Type Earth/fire dragon mix
Element(s) Metal
Skill level Intermediate
Family All deceased
Civil status 2nd class civilian
(Pre-Bloody Dawn)
3rd class civilian (till death)
Occupation Confectioner
(Pre-Bloody Dawn)
Miner (till death)
Created by FantiaFantasyStories
Belongs to FantiaFantasyStories

Personality & Character Edit

She was a very happy and playful dragoness until she lost her family and "banished" to the slums. Slowly, her sadness and fears overcome her mind, she turned crazy, cruel and unpredictable.

Skills & abilities Edit

She rarely used her element, only to repair some equipment in the shop. But because of this, she used her element very sophisticated.

When in her last outrage she tried to broke out she outlashed a beam of metal. Thanks to Doucheicus' action, it didn't caused any damage, but it seemed pretty powerful.

Backstory Edit

She was born in Warfang, in a 2nd class civillian confectioner family, who sold various sweets and cakes. She was the youngest of the family. Her parents and brothers loved her, and she was happy with her big, happy family.

But everything changed in the Bloody Dawn. All her family members went to the fight, and they never returned... Alone she couldn't take care of the shop, she soon found herself in the slums of the 3rd class district. Her family were never rich, but they were royals compare to the 3rd class civillians.

The work was extremly hard. Once a huge boulder fell into her leg, and damaged it terribly. But instead of yelling in pain, she just stood there laughing.That was one of the first signs of her insanity. It's unknown what caused it truly. The lost, the sadness, the pain, the hunger... Or maybe all of them. Soon, she flew up to the gate and attacked one of the police guards. They sent her to the underground prisons. They thought maybe it was a rebellion in the 3rd class district, so Rhazier Blackthorn tried to interrogate her.

No matter what, she simply was shouting that she would save everyone if she would be able to open the gates. Even Doucheicus Blackclaw tried to talk to her in his "own way", but nothing. They labeled her insane, and kept her in the prison. After a year, they tried one last time to interrogate her. However, she tried to escape and furiously tried to attack everyone. In his anger, Doucheicus killed her with a powerful laserbeam. They feared, that maybe others will try to follow her, but so far, nobody did...

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • She actually never used her element in battle;
  • Since she turned insane, she couldn't think normally, many of her actions were unclear or simply just pointless.