Singe Silverblade
Full name Singe Silverblade
Age Teen
Status Alive
Gender Female
Species Western dragon
Type Fire/air dragon mix
Element(s) Blue fire
Skill level Master
Family Riskel Coalclaw (father, deceased)
Indira Silverblade (mother, deceased)
Akino Silverblade (half-brother)
Zyler Starwing (half-brother)
Lycia Coalclaw (aunt)
Civil status 3rd class civilian
Occupation None
Created by Constelia
Belongs to Constelia

Personality & Character Edit

Singe, in a word, is explosive. She has a major temper and can easily be set off by the slightest thing, which causes her to get into a lot of fights. She enjoys taunting others, especially police guards.

While she may not look very strong, she's a master of blue fire, which has saved her hide a many times. Singe doesn't care much for others, besides her half-brother (whom she still gets annoyed with quite often). She misses her mother and once tried to learn who her father was, but to no avail.

Skills & abilities Edit

She is able to heat her fire to the hottest it can go, but has yet to master the longest breathing time.

Singe can summon fireballs out of thin air, as well as heat up or catch any part of her body on fire. This ability allows her to set just about any object on fire by just touching it.

She has began to learn the fire fury, but it is incomplete. She can form a fire "bubble" around herself and make it explode, blasting the enemies out. It also burns the enemies, but is not deadly.

Weaknesses Edit

Water can put out her fire.

Backstory Edit

Her mother, Indira, worked many jobs, one of them being a prostitute. As it turned out, one day her mother was impregnated by the infamous Riskel Coalclaw. While anyone else would had destroyed or gotten rid of the egg, her mother kept it. Thus, Singer hatched, making the already bad financial stress on the family even worse. The harder her mother worked, the weaker she got, and one day she succumbed to a terrible disease and died. Singe blames herself for what happened to her mother and has grown up quite explosive because of it.

Her half-brother doesn't believe the third class district is safe for her, so he usually tells her to stay home. However, Singe always sneaks out and explores the slums. She enjoys skipping school and watching illegal fights, sometimes even entering a few competitions herself. Typically, she keeps this part of her life secret from her half-brother though, as she does not want to worry him nor have him restrict her freedom.

Relationships Edit

Akino Silverblade Edit

While she does love her half-brother, she often gets annoyed with how overprotective he can be. She wants him to realize that she is not a weak little girl and can fend for herself.

Indira Silverblade Edit

She misses her mother dearly and blames herself for her death.

Riskel Coalclaw Edit

While Riskel is her father, she has no idea that he is. She absolutely hates his guts though for being one of the sickos who "did" her mother.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • She is still extremely curious as to who her father really is;
  • She wants to become a professional fighter some day, so she often asks people who fight in tournaments she watches if they can train her.